Sandip University School of Arts and Humanities has envisioned, to become one of the India’s leading schools and most profound institute to pursue the studies that confers the Arts & Humanities degrees based in Nashik. Hence, we have designed a specialized epicenter known as ‘School of Arts & Humanities’ that delivers a spectacular learning abilities that flairs the students to polish their creative side. We are widely focused on the designing the contemporary courses manual that greatly empathizes on learning the human behavior. We welcome you to build a more profound & exciting career in arts & humanities at Sandip University.


It aims to create a dynamic individual, that breeds the artistic skills and learning behavior of humanities.
Build a thriving career that offers a wider career choice in the field of arts and philosophy.
Creates a greater advantage who is willing, to make an impact and a certain landmark in the industry.
Provides a deeper understanding on the basic nature of humanities and its evolution in the surroundings around them.
Craves a path to success by learning the anatomy of the arts and its impact on the surroundings.
It provides a community-based learning, that thrives to create a respectable individual in the society.
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Career Prospects

Garner an importance of the study in the fields of arts and humanities.
Pave a path to success by building a successful career that creates an option in the various fields.
It offers a comprehensive knowledge about the certain subject that will induce you to create a remarkable impact on others.
We offer a rich & diversified study in the field of arts, literature & humanities.
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Programs Offered

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