Mind Approach : The Self Development Strategy

Event Description:

Event Date: 11th April 2018

Event Conduction Duration: 11.00 am- 1.00 pm (2 Hours )

Event Venue: Seminar Hall, S- Building, Sandip University, Nashik

Name of Event Coordinator with contact details:

  • Dr.Priya Digarse (9588440845)

Event Outline & Outcome of the event:

Outline of Program:

This seminar was an interactive session to make students come out of their shell, realize their potentials and strengths,have a a healthy competition and discipline to lead in career

Objective of Program:

The objective of this seminar was to develop, encourage and motivate slow learners and medium learners to excel in academics and career and increase their focus on aims and goals.

Output of the Program:

The students realized importance of discipline and its role in success and got boosted in real life.

Event Date

11 April 2018 - 11 April 2018

Event Speakers

Mr. Vikas Naik

Cyber Crime Consultant Nashik