World Animation Day

Event Description:

Event Venue: University Building ( Animation Classroom)
Name of Event Coordinator with contact details: Mr. Rajendra Khairnar -9712695417
Outline of the event:The School of Computer Sciences and application, Sandip University celebrated the "World Animation Day". The event was inaugurated by Dr. Nitin Goje (Dean, School of Computer Sciences & Applications)& Dr. Sanjay Jerath (Dean, School of Management Studies). The event was organized to celebrate the art of animation.
Objective:Main objective of the event is that students should know about the Full length animation films, historical features, animated shorts, and student films in a variety range of -drawing, painting, animating puppets and objects, using clay, sand, paper, and computer. Because many animated films are non-verbal, it is a rich opportunity for cross cultural expression and communication of the event.
Outline of the event:Students came to know that Animation is the art of creating the illusion of Movement through a series of images that each show a separate stage of the animation

Event Date

28 October 2017 - 28 October 2017