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Event Description:

Date of the Event: 10th November 2017
Event Conduction Duration:7.00 AM to 4:00 PM
Event Venue:Classroom 500 KV HVDC Plant, Padaghe
Name of Event Coordinator with contact details:Dr. P. M.Sonwane (7030942415)
Event Resource Person Details (Speaker Image, Speaker name, Designation, company name):
1) 500 KV HVDC Plant

Objective of Program:
The aim of the industrial visit was to have a very good exposure for the students to have practical and industrial knowledge about the HVDC transmission system.

Outcome of Program:
The students got overview of whole project that there are two converter stations one which is located at chandrapur and another located at padghe. The converter station at chandrapur side named as rectifier station because the power is generated at north side of India. The converter station which is located at padghe is known as inverter station because at this station the transmitted HVDC power is converted into AC and given to the nearest Load Dispatch Centre (LDC). The whole grid operation based on Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition System(SCADA) was also shown to the students.

Event Date

10 November 2017 - 10 November 2017