Programme Details

Unlike Bachelors in Fashion Designing which is a full-fledged degree course for students want to pursue a career in fashion designing, certificate course in fashion designing is something which is a short time course in fashion designing as compared to that of a degree course. However, it is also a full-fledged course but the major difference between the two is the time frame of the course and the way of teaching. The duration of certificate course in fashion designing in less than that of a degree course but the approach is same. Instead, in certificate course, the approach is based on a much pedagogical and practical way which helps impart in-depth knowledge to the students in the decided time frame. Some of the best Fashion Designing Institute in India offers a certificate course in fashion designing.

Certificate Course in Fashion Designing Scope

There is a major difference in career options for a candidate opting for certificate course over the degree course. The following are the career options one can go with post completion of the certificate course in fashion designing:

  • Fashion coordinator: Working as a fashion coordinator is one of the career options that a student can opt for post certificate course in fashion designing.
  • Fashion merchandiser: If you are the one with those marketing skills to bet your competitors in the fashion world then fashion merchandiser is the perfect choice for you.
  • You can also get hired with the top-notch textile or Garment Company which will give a kick-start to your career.
What we Offer

The certificate course makes no difference to students who want deep knowledge of fashion technology yet have less time to get a degree or certificate. With Sandip University, fashion designing certificate course details will clear every doubt that you have in mind regarding the course and you can acquire knowledge in the most practical and logical way. It is also one of the top fashion designing certification colleges in Maharashtra where you can get great exposure and new challenges to improve your skills and talents. Fashion Design Programmes at Sandip University is designed to make students competent with the ever-changing fashion industry and trends so as to be in the business.