Ph.D. Guides


List of Ph.D. Guide and Research Areas
Sr No. Name of Guide Designation Broad Research Areas
1 - Civil Engineering
1 Dr. Arun Kumar Dwivedi Professor & Dean (Academics) Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Infrastructures, Sustainable Management of WS &
WWS, Pond Ash Management
2 Dr. Rajshekhar Talikoti Professor & Head (Civil) Earthquake Resistant Structure, Structural Stability, Vibration Control,
3 Dr. Sanjay G. Makrande Professor Earthquake Resistant Structure, Non Linear Dynamic Analysis
4 Dr. Premanand Naktode Professor Concrete Technology, Fly Ash Management,
5 Dr. Mahesh Endait Associate Professor Soil Dynamics, Soil Stablization
6 Dr. Nitin Bharadia Assistant Professor Agricultural Modelling, Water Resources
2 - Mechanical Engineering
1 Dr. S. B. Chandgude Professor & Head (Mechanical) Machining of Advanced Material, Condition Monitoring, Advanced Welding Techniques
2 Dr. Chetan Chaudhari Professor Production Engineering & Efficiency, Recycling,
3 Dr. Anshul Gangele Professor Production Engineering , Industrial Engineering & Optimization, Reliability
4 Dr. Devendra Patil Associate Professor Smart Materials & Structures, Vibration & Control System, Structural
Health/Condition Monitoring
5 Dr. A. Muthuraja Assistant Professor Composite Materials ,Tribology
3 - Electrical Engineering


Dr. Pravin M. Sonawane Professor & Head (Electrical) Power Systems , Control & High Voltage
4 - Computer Science & Application


Dr. Nitin Goje Professor and Dean, (School of
Computer Science and Application)
Image Processing, Geographic Information System, Data Mining


Dr. M. Parimala Professor, CoE Data Minning
5 - Computer Engineering


Dr. V. Narayana Tinnaluri Professor Software Engineering, Cloud Computing & Big Data
6 - Botany
1 Dr. Sunanda B. Salve Assistant Professor Medicinal plants, Plant Physiology
2 Dr. Gitanjali Shelar Assistant Professor Nanobiotechnology, Seed Pathology & Fungal Biotechnology
3 Dr. Ravikiran S. Pagare Assistant Professor Biodiversity and Conservation; Molecular Taxonomy and Biosystematics
4 Dr. Nissar Ahmad Reshi Assistant Professor Plant Biotechnology, Natural/Herbal Medicine
7 - Mathematics    
1 Dr. Satishkumar M. Bhati Professor Integral formulas in Reimanian geometry and contact manifolds
2 Dr. Naveen kumar Mani Assistant Professor Mathematical Analysis, Approximation Theory and applications
3 Dr. Tanaji S. Pawar Assistant Professor Operation Research, Integral Equation, Boundary Value Problem
4 Dr. V. Srinivasan Assistant Professor Differential Equations, Control Theory
8 - Zoology    
1 Dr. Sureshchandra P. Zambare Professor and Dean (School of
Forensic Entomology, Control of stored grain pests
2 Dr. Ruchi Lakra Assistant Professor Molecular Biology, Drug Biodistribution
9 - Chemistry    
1 Dr. Rosilda Selvin Professor & Dean (Research) Nanotechnology, Catalysis, Advanced Materials
2 Dr. Rajendra D. Patil Assistant Professor and Head Sustainable Organic Synthesis, Nanocatalysis
3 Dr. Sunil D. Marathe Assistant Professor Nano-material Synthesis, photocatalytic degradation
4 Dr. Shilpa Sharma Assistant Professor Molecular Recognition and Supramolecular Chemistry
5 Dr. Sagnika Pradhan Assistant Professor Heterogenous Catalysis
6 Dr. Manoj Jadhao Assistant Professor Biophysical Spectroscopy and Colloidal Chemistry
7 Dr. B. Ghosh Assistant Professor Advanced Materials for renewable energy, Conducting Materials & Electrocatalysts
8 Dr. S. M. Mundhe Assistant Professor and Head Solution Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry
10 - Physics    
1 Dr. A. P. Singh Associate Professor Photonics & Thin Solid Films
2 Dr. M. D. Shinde Assistant Professor Nanomaterial based Gas Sensors
3 Dr. A. N. Kulkarni Asst Professor Materials Science
11 - Management    
1 Dr. Sanjay Jerath Professor and Dean (School of
Commerce and Mamagement)
Marketing , Cognitive Science , Consumer Psychology & Behaviour
2 Dr. Ruchi Sharma Associate Professor consumer behavior,Advertising, Rural Marketing
3 Dr. Shivani Sharma Assistant Professor Finance and related underlying dimentions
4 Dr. Leena P. Gorhe Assistant Professor Human Resource Management, Quality Management
12 - Beauty Cosmetology    
5 Dr. Priya Digarsee Asstociate Professor and Dean (I/c) (Fasshion Design and Beauty Product/Process Development & Applications in skin and hair Care
13 - Law    
6 Dr. Dhanaji M. Jadhav Professor and Dean (School of Law) Constitutional Law, Environmental Law & Criminal Law
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