Programme Details

Ph.D. programs allow students to develop specialization in a niche area of their subject. After obtaining their doctoral degree, they are deemed specialists in their chosen field. In botany opportunities are wide and students holding doctoral degrees are often considered for senior job functions in corporate and other firms.

Given that botany is a large field, Botanists command a lot of respect and are often offered roles of senior faculty or mentoring to other fellowship students.

Botany students choosing to pursue a Ph.D. program now have excellent choices even amongst resident Indian Universities. Modern Universities like Sandip University are now great destinations for pursuing Ph.D. programs.

Government recognized the University has a bevy of schools of different disciplines all under its wide umbrella. There is a specific program for pursuing Ph.D. in Botany, which includes course, faculty, and a library replete with all latest botany literature. Students are taught and mentored keeping in mind on how best their talent can be shaped for their dissertation.

So, if the study of flora and the universal plant kingdom excites you, then come get your doctorate at Sandip University where we have a dedicated P.hd program for you.


1st Year Fee : Rs 75000 per annum

Hostel fees = Rs. 70,000 / - + Refundable Deposit of Rs. 5000/- and Gym Fees Rs. 5000 /- Per year for academic session 2017-18.

Please note fees for (examination, eligibility, sports etc.) will be charged extra.

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