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Management is the top order and amongst the most critical components of any government or private enterprise. It’s empirically responsible for the hygiene and smooth running of the firm. Students pursuing research in management are looked upon as senior academicians having in-depth knowledge from an ideal perspective.

The demand in Industry for Management experts is very high and many students after successfully completing their Ph.D. research studies often take up roles of senior consultants or academicians.

Every Ph.D aspirant however needs personal hand holding to successfully cover his research work. They need Institutes with inbound facilities where they can test, interpret and critically analyze their work. One such institute is Sandip University, where it has a specific program for Ph.D. aspirants in Management.

Spread across a vast campus the enrolling students can take advantage of the splendid facilities which include free-Wi-Fi, a well stocked library, guest lecturers from eminent Industry professionals and former alumni all to instill efficient management science.

Since management research is a niche area, our professor’s and teachers would also give students additional attention and help them in submitting their project work. This is just the tip of the exciting learning iceberg beneath.

Come let’s learn together and unwind the diamond in you.


1st Year Fee : Rs 75000 per annum

Hostel fees = Rs. 70,000 / - + Refundable Deposit of Rs. 5000/- and Gym Fees Rs. 5000 /- Per year for academic session 2017-18.

Please note fees for (examination, eligibility, sports etc.) will be charged extra.

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