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Pharmacy and its associated research are amongst the most popular of all modern sciences. Drug firms world over are constantly on the lookout for upcoming Pharma talent whose path breaking research could enhance or even pave way for better Pharma applications.

Most Pharma Ph.D. students find opportunities in these Pharma giants across functions; others take up roles of Senior Faculty in institutes of repute. Earlier students who have already majored in pharmacy often preferred foreign colleges for further pursuing of their Ph.D. work.

Now this scenario is changing as Indian private universities have come up having excellent infrastructure to aid the needs of a Ph.D. Pharma student. One among them is Sandip University, which with its modern campus has set a benchmark of what can only be called as an example of world class education.

Under its program for Ph.D. aspirants, the university has a team of high ranking professors who will assist and also supervise the enrolled students. Personal attention, mentoring, free Wi-Fi, as well as a well stocked library and much more makes studying in this university a marvelous experience.

Students of pharmacy will no doubt find this as a temple of learning, and with the intensive doctorate program on offer, you are assured to be transformed for the better good of all.

So, come join us and let’s together bring out the best in you!


1st Year Fee : Rs 75000 per annum

Hostel fees = Rs. 70,000 / - + Refundable Deposit of Rs. 5000/- and Gym Fees Rs. 5000 /- Per year for academic session 2017-18.

Please note fees for (examination, eligibility, sports etc.) will be charged extra.

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