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Philosophy is an academic way for studying the fundamental nature of existence, knowledge and reality. Being an interesting science students often take it up to explore general problems associated with the mind, knowledge, reason, and logic.

Philosophy students when pursuing their Ph.D. program are taught the right research methodology process, drafting and finally submission of their research thesis. Students of Philosophy often get associated with NGO’s, government set ups, philosophy graduates often join as faculty in premium colleges.

The study of philosophy is very broad, and students passionate for their subject often do well in the long run. However, many also do opt to pursuing a doctorate degree Ph.D. which certifies them as experts in their specializations. Currently, they are numerous universities in India that offer the right set-up for pursuing a Ph.D. program, leading the list is Sandip University.

Sandip University has a dedicated Ph.D. research program for Philosophy. Along with a custom syllabus that is tweaked as per the student’s requirement, the enrolling Ph.D. students get a slew of other amenities like site visits, a well stocked library and finally senior faculty who will mentor them through their program.

Philosophy at a basic level deals in goodness and harmony and on enrolling and is the little extra that you will leave with after finishing your Ph.D. at Sandip University.


1st Year Fee : Rs 75000 per annum

Hostel fees = Rs. 70,000 / - + Refundable Deposit of Rs. 5000/- and Gym Fees Rs. 5000 /- Per year for academic session 2017-18.

Please note fees for (examination, eligibility, sports etc.) will be charged extra.

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