List of Ph.D. Guide and Research Areas

S. No. Name of Guide Designation Broad Research Areas
Civil Engineering
1 Dr. Arun Kumar Dwivedi Professor & Dean (Academics) Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Infrastructures, Sustainable Management of WS & WWS, Pond Ash Management
2 Dr. Rajshekhar Talikoti Professor & Head (Civil) Earthquake Resistant Structure, Structural Stability, Vibration Control,
3 Dr. Sanjay G. Makrande Professor Earthquake Resistant Structure, Non Linear Dynamic Analysis
4 Dr. Premanand Naktode Professor Concrete Technology, Fly Ash Management,
5 Dr. Mahesh Endait Associate Professor Soil Dynamics, Soil Stablization
6 Dr. Nitin Bharadia Assistant Professor Agricultural Modelling, Water Resources
Mechanical Engineering
1 Dr. S. B. Chandgude Professor & Head (Mechanical) Machining of Advanced Material, Condition Monitoring, Advanced Welding Techniques
2 Dr. Chetan Chaudhari Professor Production Engineering & Efficiency, Recycling,
3 Dr. Anshul Gangele Professor Production Engineering , Industrial Engineering & Optimization, Reliability Engineering
4 Dr. Devendra Patil Associate Professor Smart Materials & Structures, Vibration & Control System, Structural Health/Condition Monitoring
5 Dr. A. Muthuraja Assistant Professor Composite Materials ,Tribology
Electrical Engineering


Dr. Pravin M. Sonawane Professor & Head (Electrical) Power Systems , Control & High Voltage
Computer Science & Application


Dr. Nitin Goje Professor and Dean, (School of Computer Science and Application) Image Processing, Geographic Information System, Data Mining


Dr. M. Parimala Professor, CoE Data Minning
Computer Engineering


Dr. V. Narayana Tinnaluri Professor Software Engineering, Cloud Computing & Big Data
1 Dr. Sunanda B. Salve Professor Medicinal plants, Plant Physiology
2 Dr. Gitanjali Shelar Assistant Professor Nanobiotechnology, Seed Pathology & Fungal Biotechnology
3 Dr. Ravikiran S. Pagare Assistant Professor Biodiversity and Conservation; Molecular Taxonomy and Biosystematics
4 Dr. Nissar Ahmad Reshi Assistant Professor Plant Biotechnology, Natural/Herbal Medicine
1 Dr. Satishkumar M. Bhati Professor Integral formulas in Reimanian geometry and contact manifolds
2 Dr. Naveen kumar Mani Assistant Professor Mathematical Analysis, Approximation Theory and applications
3 Dr. Tanaji S. Pawar Assistant Professor Operation Research, Integral Equation, Boundary Value Problem
4 Dr. V. Srinivasan Assistant Professor Differential Equations, Control Theory
1 Dr. Sureshchandra P. Zambare Professor and Dean (School of Science) Forensic Entomology, Control of stored grain pests
2 Dr. Ruchi Lakra Assistant Professor Molecular Biology, Drug Biodistribution
1 Dr. Rosilda Selvin Professor & Dean (Research) Nanotechnology, Catalysis, Advanced Materials
2 Dr. Rajendra D. Patil Assistant Professor and Head Sustainable Organic Synthesis, Nanocatalysis
3 Dr. Sunil D. Marathe Assistant Professor Nano-material Synthesis, photocatalytic degradation
4 Dr. Shilpa Sharma Assistant Professor Molecular Recognition and Supramolecular Chemistry
5 Dr. Sagnika Pradhan Assistant Professor Heterogenous Catalysis
6 Dr. Manoj Jadhao Assistant Professor Biophysical Spectroscopy and Colloidal Chemistry
7 Dr. B. Ghosh Assistant Professor Advanced Materials for renewable energy, Conducting Materials & Electrocatalysts
8 Dr. S. M. Mundhe Assistant Professor and Head Solution Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry
1 Dr. A. P. Singh Associate Professor Photonics & Thin Solid Films
2 Dr. M. D. Shinde Assistant Professor Nanomaterial based Gas Sensors
3 Dr. A. N. Kulkarni Asst Professor Materials Science
1 Dr. Sanjay Jerath Professor and Dean (School of Commerce and Mamagement) Marketing , Cognitive Science , Consumer Psychology & Behaviour
2 Dr. Ruchi Sharma Associate Professor consumer behavior,Advertising, Rural Marketing
3 Dr. Shivani Sharma Assistant Professor Finance and related underlying dimentions
4 Dr. Leena P. Gorhe Assistant Professor Human Resource Management, Quality Management
Beauty Cosmetology
5 Dr. Priya Digarsee Asstociate Professor and Dean (I/c) (Fasshion Design and Beauty Product/Process Development & Applications in skin and hair Care
6 Dr. Dhanaji M. Jadhav Professor and Dean (School of Law) Constitutional Law, Environmental Law & Criminal Law