MyAIMA is a portal that connects AIMA's valued members and brings you one step closer to exclusive AIMA content and services. an Online resource for AIMA members with an objective to provide members with Value added online information, Interactive interface to connect online, Exclusive services for members, Accessible on all handheld devices like Mobiles/Tablets/iPad etc

AIMA serves below exclusive features & services for AIMA members :

  • AIMA Library Online Resources (Articles, Books etc.) access
  • Latest Management News with National & International news through RSS feed
  • LMA Corner to post & view updates from different LMA’s, LMA Directory
  • Industry Leader / Speakers Views in AIMA Events with Download facility of their Presentations given in AIMA Events
  • AIMA featured Event Videos access
  • All AIMA Publications with view & download facility
  • Featured lecture videos on different management subjects for student members
  • Community & forums on different areas like Management, HR etc. which member can join and get experts views & updates
  • Students section for AIMA students to Register Online, Submit
  • Project/Synopsis/Assignments online, View Hallticket/Results online
  • Multiple Logins for corporate Members to share with their employees
  • Media Center view AIMA Media coverage, Press releases & Photo Gallery


Dr. Leena Gorhe,
Assistant Professor,
School of Management Studies

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