Summer Internships - A Platform for Future Success

A summer internship to an MBA student is similar to a full tossed cricket ball, which they must whack and get the most out of. Though just running for about 10-12 weeks, they provide valuable opportunities to gain real world experience in the student’s desired industry. Let’s not forget that an internship can also lead to a full time job offer, but students just have a few short weeks to showcase their talents, knowledge and skills learned in business school and make a lasting impression on their employer. Here are some sure-shot ways to make a lasting impact in the intern company:

Go full throttle from day 1

A full time employee gets six to 12 months on an average to settle into his role in the company. Here students would just have the summer break, so they must dig in their hooves right from the first day at work. To do this efficiently they need to read as much as they can about their employer, their role and function. Read about the industry too. If possible speak to people who are well versed with the company, who have been in similar roles so that one gets a feel about what the scenario will be when join

Define expectations immediately

Right on the first day of their joining, students ought to seek time with their reporting manager and jot down your KRA’s on which they will be accountable. Do make sure that all the points are covered, try to include one’s own points of interest where you see a career for yourself. Once this is done, pull a printout and pin it to board in front of the desk. This would allow students to have a clear focus on what is expected from you being in the firm.

Know your unique strength and skills

Each one of us has been bestowed upon with unique skills, talents, and strengths. Before starting the internship, students must think about how they would add value to the firm. Start by thinking how to leverage on one’ skills and be an asset to the firm. Ask yourself questions like what are you good at, what do people tell you most to do. If you have certain exceptional talents, use them as these will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Exceptional work done in team projects or specific tasks assigned to students will go a long way in highlighting their final assessment.

In conclusion, the responsibility is on students, on how well do they perform during the internship. Do they make their days counts? Following the above topics is a tried and tested formula to make sure you deliver a lasting first impression which will lay a foundation for your future career.