Getting Placed in The Industrial World

The current world that we live in has multiple industries/sectors often interdependent on each other. In such times an individual will have to wear various hats of different roles to effectively be placed and get a respectable job. Life has become fast both in the urban and rural environment in such times an individual cannot sit with his existent base of skills - he has to upgrade himself.This blog outlines some of the basic pointers that would help an individual get placed in this complex industrial world.

  • 1) Get groomed: The saying "First impression is the last impression" bears a lot of truth in many circles. Grooming and sharp dressing is the talk of the day and we must take extra steps to fit in the social circle of our colleagues.

  • 2) Networking: If there was a time, that networking counted its now more than ever. Networking is in a certain sense selling your own brand and its much heavier than any resume. It would be a great idea if you are part of select social forums. Like CII (Confideration of Indian Industry), these conclaves are great to attend as they not only give deep insights about the concerned industry but get to meet with like minded people.

  • 3) Being part of Online Social Groups: Online business networking groups acts like an umbrella, where numerous people can discuss and network with each other. Being active in online forums is a great way to show your intellect and opinion on the different subjects discussed.

  • 4) Attending Fairs and Workshops: Industrial fairs and workshops are not to be missed as they bring people with similar minds under one roof And this again offers as a splendid opportunity to showcase your personality and skills and finally getting placed.

  • 5)Being a Guest Speaker at a Panel discussion: The very idea of getting placed in Industry at a place of repute means that you should be seen as an individual who has a lot of value. If you are an expert at a particular topic and you can give a guest lecture, it would add a lot to your credential for being an asset to any particular industry.

In conclusion, all the pointers discussed above are highlighted to get you inside a industry. However, once inside it depends on you and your talent to grow from there.