Teacherless Classroom are the Future

Gone are the days when the presence of a real teacher was required to successfully conduct classes. Today’s generation of students has been tuned to a complete different order in which they are not dependent on the presence of a teacher to get tutored. So what is about teacherless classrooms that is making them the trend these days. This blog seeks to explore that in relevant detail.

There is already a shift in the model of teaching from the “sage on stage” model to one wherein the teacher is more like a tutor or coach for the students. Students would be coached to learn in minutes what would normally take days to learn and that is what is modern day advancement.

Already technological advancements have reached the door of the classroom, and now we have within reach to know how the classroom of the future will look like. Some expected changes that have already become commonplace include :

  1. Online posting of grades and assignments.
  2. Group projects completed through collaborative software.
  3. Group projects completed through collaborative software.Group projects completed through collaborative software.
  4. Faculty, parents and other staff co-ordinating through a special assigned education platform.

Even the layout of the classroom is going to drastically change given the advancements in education technology.

Forget about neatly lined rows of chairs and benches, where the teacher would be on a pedestal. Seating arrangements of the future will be flexible so that they are comfortable and flexible for students. Private workstations would be made available for individual tasks while collaborative workspace would be made available for group projects. Interactive projectors will be made available instead of interactive white boards. Students will be given autonomy on how and where to sit.