What Dusshera teaches the students?

With the Navratri festival coming to an end, 'Dusherra' embarks the last day of Navratri Festival, which signifies the celebration of victory over evil. It is also referred as 'Vijayadashami' in some places of India. In respect to Etymology, in Hindi 'Dus' mean 10 which says that the demon god 'Ravana' has 10 evil heads, which represents the evilness & hence his efficacy was burnt by Lord 'Rama' that exercises the power of goodness over evil. In a similar stanza, the students need to destroy all their evil thoughts that harms their happiness, mental peace & success.

In a ritual rhapsody, during the day of 'Dusshera' the gold is embarked as pious during the occasion & have been offered to the god & devotees as part of immaculateness act. Similarly, on Dusshera students can consider this as a golden period to start something new & can set a strong resolution having a firm belief that it will serves as a fruitful in future.

The ancestors believe that the students or working professionals need to build a strong resolution on this day. It is to be believed that it fulfill all the desires, if done with all his dedication. 'Dusshera' is a final a symbolic day of Navratri, which acts as a reason why the festival is celebrated. It was a day when the evil powers of Hindu religion were destroyed in order to get a peaceful life. While in respect to students, they need to eradicate all the negativity prevailing in the society or around them. It says that the Dusshera plays an important role in one's life who believe in having a Good karma. Having a good karma brings about the change & happiness in one's life, it is believed that the people who believe in good has a kind of oneness. They are always blessed with good fruits in the end. Hence every student who faces the brunt of evilness & unhappiness in their life, should immediately resort to the destruction of the things that leads to block of good karma. Hence, the teachings of 'Dusshera' is utmost significant & indepth as it comes to embodiment & achieving epitome in one's life.