Leveraging ICT & Adopting Innovative Methods For Education

To become one of the successful & knowledgeable teacher, it is important to constantly upgrade their knowledge about the latest Technology & Innovation prevailing in the industry. After the year 2008, due to increase in usage of technology, there have been a massive shift in teaching patterns. Most importantly, the professors started adopting new ideas & innovation to teach the students about the latest prevailing technology used in the industry.

In order to make things flawless, Sandip University, School of management studies organized an expert speak on 'leveraging ICT for education' on 4th Oct, 2017. This expert lecture was held by Dr. Kalpana Kana who is one of the senior project manager at IIT, Bombay Department of Computer Science. She coordinates with more than 10,000 teachers training program & massive open library courses. While delivering the lecture, she focused on several topics but most importantly,she emphasized on how the technology is modifying the rules of traditional classroom training. She also discussed about how the technology has improved the quality of education.

The lecture delivered by Dr. Kalpana Kanan was of a great learning experience for the students. The students were able to understand what are the new & latest techniques and methods that are used for teaching. Moreover the guest lecture on ICT was all about highlighting the significance of such change in the method of teaching.