What students needs to learn from 'Doklam-Standoff' Issue?

Among BRICS, India & China are the two emerging super-power with a GDP crossing over a trillion ($). In recent years, India has been among the fastest growing economy in the world. While on the other hand, China's Economy is 4X times much more prominent than Indian economy, but the analyst says bigger doesn't always mean better. Recently, due to Doklam issue, there was rising tension between both the countries. The matter went so far; there was a sense of political & cold war in their economies ..But due to good political & strategic understanding the issue was 'called-off' at the right time. There were many in-depth & fundamentals reason attached to it, but there are certain things a student needs to learn from this stand-off.

This understanding will help the students to bloom in their career. Herein, we present you the 5 major things a student needs to understand about the 'Doklam Standoff Issue':

1) Never under-estimate:

It is usually seen that the people in power always underestimate the other side, but they get a tough competition in any of the field. While in respect to Doklam issue, China was smart enough to understand the issue as they never underestimate India 's power even though our economy is much smaller than them, but they knew the potential. Notwithstanding, the students should never underestimate the weakness of other person & should rather concentrate on polishing their strength. Hence, if you want to be successful, you should never underestimate anyone, anywhere & in any field.

2) Be Proactive:

'Doklam Issue Called-off' was a kind of strategic plan, but both the side were pro-active in a defense area. Similarly, a student should remain pro-active in their future & should be able to tackle all the challenges & difficulties while performing the job. Students pro-activeness suggest, how much he can perform in a job & can contribute to the success of the firm.

3) Keep on Moving:

One of the most important thing both the countries understood that staying in one place or keeping grudges is not a solution. But the fact, if one has a progressive mentality then only he/she can thrive by moving forward. Likely, if a student wants to achieve success in academic or professional career, the keep should keep moving on despite the criticism & lack of understanding of your colleagues.

4) Future planning is important:

'India-China' border issue was not an hour decision, but it has taken account of the long future planning of both the countries, economy & its people. Similarly, a student should keep a lot of patience; they should have a kind of self-confidence among them self that whatever the things they are pursuing will have a  future value. People should think about future rather than having an immediate value.

5) Designed Strong Strategy:

A well-planned strategy is a must for all the business & in every step of life. Despite a 'Doklam issue' was called off, both the countries have designed a strategy to tackle if something in the future comes up.  Similarly, a student should create his own will by developing a plan for the same & in what area one needs to go.

Hence, the above-mentioned things a student's needs to learn during the 'Dokhlam standoff issue'