5-Latest Educational Technology Trends

Technology- a small word adding sense and charm to our day-to-day life. It has enhanced our social, educational, and economical life. It is a global platform that helps you to connect with others, no matter the distance. It has enhanced our lives in such a way that it seems to be impossible now to imagine a single day without it. It has become the key part of our life and necessity of the world.

We can see a rising boom in technology in education system these days which not only simplifies the entire learning process but ads a rich learning experience. Many schools and universities are using these technologies to enhance the skill and learning patterns of students. Let’s take a look on few latest educational technology trends that are believed to give a rise of modern education system all around the globe.

Artificial Intelligence

Read in many science fiction stories, Artificial intelligence is taking root in our day-to-day life. It enhances our learning process and is a bonus to many educational institutions right from K-12. Many universities are diverted to this modern technology, which is benefiting students in many ways. Sandip University in Nashik, Maharashtra is proud to offer this technology to its student for a rich learning experience.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

MOOC or E-learning is an open platform for students who are keen to learn through online courses. Students can explore their subjects during their course with certifications. Many Universities and Colleges now participate to offer various online courses with skilled professional lectures and a detailed course syllabus. It has transformed the education process into sleek and simple way right from its inception.


With the change in technology, educations have also adapted to give its best through technology. Today is a time when people invest more of their time in smartphones and tablets which has urged the necessity of Mobile learning in the industry this shows that learning is not confined to a limited area. No doubt on this that mobile learning is a fast growing technology. It has proved that fun is the best way to learn.

Use of Cloud videos for education

Most popular adoptable technology for many educational institutes to operate their information system effectively. Schools and Universities can take the advantage of this advance technology and benefit their students with the use of video in education which provides more information and details about a specific topic or subject.

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