Duration of Course

10 months. Course commences from August and goes on until the day of UPSC Prelims. Only first 50 students will be admitted to the course.

Course shall be conducted for 2 hrs on every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

  • 1st Term : July to Diwali
  • 2nd Term : Post Diwali to March End.
  • 3rd Term : Mid-April to May End. (15 day Holiday for examination preparations)
Medium of Course

English (But students can also ask question in Marathi or Hindi or students may also be guided in Marathi or Hindi if they seek help from our Faculties)

Facilities Provided under every Course:
  • Weekly periodicals and mock tests.
  • Monthly Counselling.
  • Two parents meet during the tenure of the course.
  • Daily provision of tutors and UPSC Guides.
  • (All faculty teaching in the class will be highly qualified and will be allowed to take lectures/session only after due interview with our expert panel).
Course Structure

First Month: Students shall be trained on their Reading, Writing and Observation skills along with training on how to develop one's personality in order to clear the UPSC Examination. This will be done with the help of sessions on personality development, Group Discussions, Vocabulary tests, debates, etc. Senior faculties and Harshad Bele Sir himself shall be conducting sessions for developing these skills

Second Month: Students will be taken for a day village visit to practically study the village administration and test all their skills that they have learnt in the first month.

August to December: Core UPSC Mains Syllabus shall be taught by expert faculty to the students and regular tests shall be conducted after the end of every module.

December End: CIAS Students will be given an opportunity to visit police station and Municipal Corporation in order to experience the administrative processes which officers go through. This is what we call "practi-innovative learning programme". This attachment will be of 2/3 days.

December to April: Emphasis will only be given on Prelims and students will have to give regular tests based on the UPSC Prelim Pattern.

April to May: A minimum of 7 Mock Tests will be conducted based on the prelims syllabus before the UPSC Prelim Examination.

Our UPSC ADVANCED COURSE follows the module pattern.

Module pattern means subtopics of General Studies are taken one by one and complete guidance for that particular subtopic is completed continuously without breaking or interrupting the flow of the subject. Notes for that particular subtopic are also given at the same time and after completion of teaching a practice test is also conducted. Thus, this pattern ensures that each subtopic is concretely imprinted on the student’s mind. Excluding the subjects which are your degree subjects, all other subtopics are unknown and new for you. Only if you take up these subjects one by one and learn them in an uninterrupted manner, can you master them. It is our experience that this pattern proves very useful.

But, in this pattern it is obvious and unavoidable that some subjects will have to be taught towards the end of the course. Sometimes some students are afraid of the fact that we are approaching the end of the course and not a single lecture has been conducted for a particular subject. But this is not at all something to be afraid of, because every subject is going to be taught as per its sequence. On the contrary, the subjects which will be taught in the end are taught to you just before the exam and remain fresh in your mind. It is also our experience that if students adjust their selfstudy timetable with the classes they are benefited even more.

Study Material: Required Study Material of excellent publication houses will be provided to all the students along with the in class study notes which will be given by every faculty. (For any further question feel free to contact out office or visit for personalised queries)