Competitive Examination Fundamental Course

The Fundamental Course had been designed for Beginners pursing to become effective and efficient officers to serve the mother land of India. To become an exceptional officer a student should have determination and confidence. In order to obtain this determination and confidence one must possess extra-ordinary soft skills. This course should be opted by student who have at least 3yrs to prepare for their Civil Services Attempt.

It is important at young age for every student to understand oneself and gain knowledge about what he/she is actually good at. This helps the student to choose their career wisely. In case of Civil services, soft skills, Behavioural Skills, Decision Making, Problem solving skills, leadership attributes etc are more important than the core UPSC syllabus. In this course, we teach you exactly what an 'Officer in the making' needs. It focuses on the overall development of the student along with a short introduction to the Syllabus and Exam pattern of Civil Services and other Government examinations.

Our Fundamental Course is basically everything that you require to prepare for your Civil Services CSAT Paper.

The students enrolling into this course will get an opportunity to portray the skills in front of their friends, teachers and parents at the end of their 3rd Term.

The following are the details of our Fundamental Course:


Course shall be conducted for 2 hrs on every Friday and Saturday.

  • 1st Term : August to Diwali
  • 2nd Term : Post Diwali to February
  • 3rd Term : May to Mid – June
  • (Holiday in March and April for Examinations and shall re-join the 2nd year )
Syllabus of Fundamental Course :
  • Self-Study Skills (Study Planning, Motivation, concentration, writing skills, notes preparation, comprehension skills, precis writing skills, paper solving techniques, use of reference material and information technology and Study Planning)
  • Creativity Development
  • Know Yourself
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Interpersonal Skills (Transactional analysis and Relationship management techniques)
  • Communication Skills ( Body Language, Telephonic manners, elocution, public speaking, how to face an interview, comparing, listening skills, anchoring, salesmanship, Jockeying and Group Discussions)
  • Introduction to various art and craft of India
  • Management Skills (Self-management, Time Management, Personality Management and Time Table Management)
  • Leadership Skills ( Building a Group, Styles of Leadership, Being a good Leader and Being an excellent follower to be a Leader).
  • How to choose a career
  • Studying Problems of the country and working for solutions
  • Sex Education
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Developing English Speaking Skills
  • Trekking and Outings
  • Sports Day
  • Internship with varied government organisations such as Police Department, Municipal Corporation, Zilla Parishad, Collector Office, etc.
  • Quiz and Debate Competition
  • Introduction to Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
  • Introduction to UPSC/MPSC/PSI/STI/BANK PO/OTHER Government Examinations.

Note: Study Material, Handouts, Presentations, etc shall be provided to the students.