Competitive Examination Intermediate Course

To become a Government Officer, has become the dream of many students today. In order to do so, the students start preparing in their early college days, introducing themselves with the various aspects of Civil Service Examinations before graduating. Our Intermediate Course guides the students on every aspect of Civil Services Examinations by giving them an overview of important Government examinations and helps them in taking the right choices. This course can be taken up by students who have a period of two years in their hand to give the Civil Services Examination Attempt.

Along with the students, Parents are also increasingly aware and eager to see their sons and daughters shaping up for competitive examinations at an early stage of their life, which is exactly why we have introduced this Intermediate Course.

This course gives the students an in-depth analysis of the Pattern and the Syllabus of important Government examinations. The course also introduces the students to important references and study material that one should refer to while preparing for Civil Service and other Competitive Examinations.

A student who has not yet completed 21 years of age, or is not yet in the last year of graduation, or one who has not decided about his / her next attempt, but one who has appeared for HSC examination should presently take admission to the Intermediate Course. A student who is presently 21 years old and is a graduate (or is appearing for the last year of graduation) can take admission to our direct ‘UPSC Advanced Course’. Of course the student should have made a firm decision to appear immediately for the competitive exam to be held in the same year with full devotion and hard work. Only then should he/she take admission to the ‘Advanced UPSC Course’.

The Following are the details of our the Intermediary Course :


Course shall be conducted for 2 hrs on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

  • 1st Term : August to Diwali
  • 2nd Term : Post Diwali to March
  • 3rd Term : May
  • (Holidays in April for Examinations)
Coverage of the Course
  • How to develop and orient our personality for the career through competitive examinations.
  • How and what to prepare/study from now on.
  • A general approach to competitive examinations.
  • To know more about the updates of important competitive exams.
Syllabus of the Course
  • Current Events – Weekly session.
  • Science and Technology
  • Indian & World History
  • Culture
  • Indian and World Geography
  • Indian Polity
  • India and International Relations
  • Human Resource Development and Human Rights
  • Indian & World Economy & Agriculture
  • International Organizations
  • Statistics
  • How to choose Optional Subject (orientation for common Optional Subjects such as History, Geography, Political Science, Public Administration, Management and Sociology )
  • Introduction to CSAT
  • Overview of all competitive examinations and career opportunities.
  • How to plan your studies.
  • Certain session on soft skills such as Observation Skills, Reading Skills, Communication Skills, etc.
  • How to improve your English
  • Paper writing skills (descriptive and multiple choice type)
  • Interview techniques and mock interview.
  • Regular interaction with Successful Students who have cleared this examination.
  • Quiz and Debate Competition
  • Internship with varied government organisations such as Police Department,
  • Municipal Corporation, Zilla Parishad, Collector Office, etc.
  • Sports Day
  • One trek and one outbound session shall be arranged for the students of this Batch.

Note: Study Material, Handouts, Presentations, etc shall be provided to the students.