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An embedded system is "embedded" as a component of a complete device often including hardware and mechanical parts.
Embedded systems govern most of the control- systems and devices in our daily life; like telecommunications systems, chemical processing systems, transport systems, bio-medical instruments, home appliances ( micro-ovens, washing machines) to name a few.
Almost 98% of all microprocessors are built-in component of embedded systems. They are designed to do specific tasks often in real-time satisfying particular performance parameters achieved through controllers and firmware integrated into ROM. Often systems contain a large number of controllers using shared networks to communicate with each other, and with a number of sensors and actuators scattered throughout the system.
The design of embedded controllers, the intricate and automated communication networks that support them raise many issues (both theoretical and practical) about network protocols, compatibility of operating systems, and ways to maximise the effectiveness of the embedded hardware.
The scope of M. Tech in embedded systems whether full or part-time is to address many such issues and aspects of embedded and networked control.

M.Tech ECE Embedded System Design Scope
  • As per a research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Embedded System market share is to reach USD 258.72 billion by 2023. The Global Embedded System Market 2016-2023 is to grow at 5.6% CAGR. Mounting need mainly from application sectors like healthcare, automotive is expected to drive demand, apart from the emergence of IoT to fuel industry growth.
  • You can choose to gain expertise in some of the fastest growing sectors like IOT, Robotics, Instrumentation, Automobile, Aeronautics, Telecommunication, Defence, Consumer Durable & Home Automation, Medical Equipment and so forth.
  • Companies specialising in developing embedded systems for controlling traffic and railway signals, power plants, pharmaceutical factories etc. are likely to go on a massive spree appointing embedded systems engineers, Developer/Programmer, Tester, Protocol Development Engineer, Embedded Systems SME (Subject Matter Expert), Support Package Developer and so forth.
What We Offer

Like any top M.Tech Embedded Systems colleges in India, Sandip University M.Tech Embedded Systems syllabus brings you a strong knowledge in the embedded system design by covering thrust areas such as Advanced Embedded Microcontrollers, Real-Time Embedded Systems, Advanced Embedded System Design and System On Chip.
The Sandip University M.Tech Embedded Systems course is designed with support from experts in various fields, to incorporate all the needed multi-disciplinary aspects, and provide an in-depth, hands-on experience to make you market-ready.
The 2 years PG programme comes with an intake of 18 student capacity providing tremendous value addition. The Advanced Microprocessor Lab gives you an insight on how to design and develop an embedded system.
Expect to study subjects like Embedded System Design, Advanced Microprocessor for Embedded System Design, Embedded Programming, Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems, Automotive Electronics, VSLI Technology and Design, and a number of elective subjects to choose from.

Rest Assured Of Your Bright Future, starting here at Sandip University.
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