Programme Details

Sandip University Masters in Computer Application, Nashik

A PG Diploma in cyber security, offer the student to broaden their techniques in the computer science field. The course can be opted after the completion of an undergraduate course and will educate the student in the field of ethics of hacking and how to understand various facets of computer programming. Furthermore, the course also offers the student to understand the ambit of hacking. The course revolves around teaching the student about networking, the basics of networking, fundamentals of web designing and cryptography along with other aspects of computers and networking.

PG Diploma in Cyber Law Security Scope
  • After the completion of PG diploma in cyber security, can be hired in the field of security in the field of network security, computer forensics, information warfare, cyber security management and for security assessment.
  • The graduate may also be hired as Software Auditor, Security consultant, Computer Forensic Analyst, Penetration Trainer, etc. in the government or in private corporations.
  • One can also become a cyber lawyer or cyber law expert.
  • Legal advisor, cyber law assistant are some other scopes for PG diploma in cyber law security.
  • Apart from that, they can also work as an advisor in Ministry of Information and Technology, Government of India which is a reputable job.
  • Other options are working in Income Tax or Police department handling cyber crimes with the cyber cell.
  • Advisor to cyber security companies and web developers.
  • Research assistant insecurity auditors and network administrators.
  • Cyber assistant and advisors to startups and e-commerce businesses.

Sandip university cyber law course & certification offers the course of PG diploma in cyber security which is for a year and maybe stretched to two years. The course equips the students with sound knowledge of cyber security and allows the student to understand the practical and theoretical aspect of designing as well as security. With a rise in cyber-attacks and a threat to the security of electronic data, the course offers the students the understanding of networking and computer’s security framework. Furthermore, the course also educates the students on how to build their programs for cyber security and how to perform ethical hacking. The syllabus for the Diploma in Cyber Security lays emphasis on the ethics of hacking. The well-equipped computer lab and the presence of relevant reading matter in the library of Sandip University make the University a perfect place to study. To enrol for fresh batches or for any other information, get in touch with us 1800-212-2714 or write to us at