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B.Tech mobile computing course is a well-structured under-graduate program which allows the students to understand the basic as well as the advanced elements of mobile computing technology. A cutting-edge understanding of modern day technology as well as developing the cognitive and creative aspects of the students’ minds is well incorporated into studies. This course also enables the students to learn more about computers and their programming.

B. Tech Mobile Computing Technology (IBM) Scope

B.Tech in Mobile Computing Technology will give you the following opportunities:

  • The course enables you to ascertain the faults or areas for development in the existing models of programs and make new changes.
  • After successfully completing the program, you will be able to develop creations which will be beneficial for society as well as the industry. Phone applications developer (Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc.), mobile architect, to name a few.
  • The in-depth knowledge gained from the course allows you to come with fascinating new creations which incorporate both technical as well as creative aspects and be hired as a marketing executive or technical support engineer.
  • After the completion of the course, you can be hired as a mobile phone system engineer, KPI engineer, Mobile Phone Verification Manager, Mobile Phone Verification Manager or as Mobile Phone Verification Manager.
What We Offer

The course for B.Tech in Mobile Computing course in Nashik, Maharashtra offered by Sandip University is a well-integrated course. The university is autonomous and its working governed by the rules and regulations as provided by the government of Maharashtra.

The university’s primary objective is to give opportunities to students to gain better knowledge and become global leaders. One of the Top Mobile Computing Technology Colleges in India, Sandip University, not only provides an impressive course on mobile computing but also imparts practical knowledge through various activities. The course makes the students’ understanding of modern technology and allows the student to make use of such knowledge in their lives. The university’s sturdy infrastructure and erudite faculty members allow the students to pursue their studies with zeal.

The University organizes various trips and interactions with some of the best consultants in the field to aid the growth of the students which has given the University its designation of one of the best B.Tech Mobile Computing Technology Colleges in Maharashtra.

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