Programme Details

M.Tech in Environmental Engineering aims to impart knowledge and skills concerned with environment protection. The focus is on protection as well as improving environmental quality which could get affected or disrupted because of human activity. With the new age focus on environmental preservation and its improvement and work opportunities galore, Master in Environmental Engineering is one of the most sought courses today. For pursuing M.Tech in Environmental Engineering is required a B.Tech degree in any of the engineering fields.

M.Tech Environmental Engineering Scope

The scope for those graduating with Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering is immense. This relatively new off-shoot of engineering has opened up many avenues for those with passed with knowledge base of environmental engineering, including-

  • Playing a critical role in waste management of both solid and water, renewable energy and sustainable development
  • Designing and maintaining aspects of land, water and environmental assessment for projects
  • computing field and laboratory techniques relating to natural resources
  • Playing a lead role in developing engineering solutions to a wide range of engineering problems, in an ecological context
What we offer

Passing an M.Tech with a specialization in environmental engineering at Sandip University, Nashik will give you a chance to be exposed to one of the most carefully crafted curriculums. Along with a degree from one of the top environmental engineering colleges in Maharashtra, we offer direct exposure to industry through our seminars and talks. This means that with an M. Tech In Enivornmental Engineering, our graduates will be ready to contribute to the industry with their immense set of knowledge and skills.

To find out more about the curriculuim and admission process, or for any further information, please email us to or call us at 1800-212-2714 (toll-free).