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Chemical Engineering is a branch that involves developing large-scale chemical processes for conversion of raw materials into different chemical products used in industries and elsewhere. The chemical engineering syllabus includes designing, construction, operations and maintenance of chemical plants. It includes safety and hazard assessments, process design and analysis, control engineering, chemical reaction engineering, construction specifications and operating instructions.

There are many Top chemical engineering degree colleges in Maharashtra But for chemical Engineering Sandip University Located in Nashik Maharashtra one of the best among engineering Institutes in India offers 4 years degree course with several ultra-modern laboratories and a huge library with more than 1 lakhs of books, offer high-end learning and research opportunities as well.

B.Tech Chemical Engineering Course Eligibility

10+2 years of study with subjects like Physics, Maths and Chemistry

B.Tech Chemical Engineering Scope

B. Tech Chemical Engineering scopes are plenty and some of them are...

  • Both public and private sector companies are in need of chemical engineers in areas like Processing, operations, manufacturing, R&D, Design, Construction.
  • Universities, Colleges need them as faculty. After completing PG degrees, they can go for PhDs if they wish to involve in research work.
  • In the research field too opportunities are plenty like research on alternate energy sources, health-related research projects, defence research, Scientific R&D, fields of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology.
Employment & Job types

Jobs are available in government, as chemical engineers with different specialisations are needed in sectors like Environmental, Electrochemical, Biomedical and Biochemical sectors.

Private sector jobs are plentiful especially in manufacturing, FMCG, Food Processing, Process Control and plenty of other areas.

Job types include Supervisor, Project Manager/Engineer, Supervisor, Technical Specialist, Environmental Safety & Regulatory Manager, Product Development Engineer etc.