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About The Course

B.Tech in Fire technology and Safety is a completely industry-based, 4 year under graduate engineering course. The course is designed in such a way that it helps the students to get the techniques of creating a safe atmosphere against fire accidents. The students are given rigorous training and are taught different methods to fight against fire while checking the safety of their own as well as others.

With practical learning methods and having personal experiences of getting stuck in the fire for a demonstration, students are made understood the way to escape the fire safely. With deep knowledge of fire technology and safety, students are hired in petroleum, chemical industries, refineries, LPG and LNG industries where the risk of fire accidents are high. They are also hired in other areas such as industrial processing areas, aircraft industries, etc where there is also the risk of combustion or fire.

What We Offers

Sandip University is ranked among the top B. Tech Fire and Safety Engineering colleges in India and also one of the best colleges for other engineering courses. With a standard and government approved Fire and Safety engineering syllabus for students to have in-depth knowledge of the course and emerge as new leaders in the industrial sector.

The university has got state-of-the-art infrastructure with knowledgeable and experienced faculties delivering quality education. It is also considered among the reputed Safety and Fire Engineering colleges in India. The course is designed to enable and equip the students with latest technology and methodologies involved in fighting against fire and putting it down.

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