Drone Development on Quad Rotor

Event Description:

Date of the Event: 26th - 28th February, 2017

Event Conduction Duration:8 A.M to 4 P.M.

Event Venue: SIP seminar hall, Sandip University Nasik

Event Resource Person Details: Prof. (Dr.) R. Venkata Rao Vice Chancellor, National Law School of India University, Bangalore

Name of Event Coordinator: Mr G S Chavan, Head, Department of Aerospace Engineering,(+919923401676), Mr M Boobalan, Faculty Advisors, SUN Aeromodelling Club(917620340211), Dr. A Muthuraja, Faculty Advisors, SUN Aeromodelling Club(+917598050027)

Detail of Program:

The Aeromodelling club of Sandip University Nashik conducted a three day Drone development workshop on quad rotors from 26th February to 28 February.

The workshop has been conducted by industry experts N Sundaresan and Bharat Prabhu. The workshop included all students from branches like Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Science. The workshop was held for 8 hours a day which included theory as well as practical sessions.

The first half of the first day was a Theory session with the students were briefed about what a quad rotor is and what are the applications of the same, also they give a list of activity which will be performing in coming two days.

All the students were divided into various teams and each team was given a set of basic components along with their specifications. The students then assembled the basic skeleton of the quad rotor on the first day itself.

The second day started with the further development of the quad Rotor. By the end of second day students had brief information about the quad rotor and its controls and they were in working condition. One of the teams had the chance to fly the quad rotor by the end of the second day.

The third day started with the flying session where all the students were able to fly their quad rotor successfully. The day progressed with the calculation of payload and endurance, Working construction and applications of the quad Rotor. The three day workshop was concluded with the valedictory ceremony where all the students were given participation certificates.

On the occasion of National Science Day, the ceremony was graced by the presence of commander of air force station, Ozar, Nashik, Group Captain R.K.Batla and Wing Commander N.Vishwanath. The certificates were awarded to the students and also SUN Aeromodelling Club was inaugurated by the dignitaries as well as the Quad Rotor workshop was concluded.

Event Date

26 February 2018 - 28 February 2018