Inauguration of Sun Innovators Club & Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Event Description:

Event Date: 9thApril 2018

Event Conduction Duration: 10.00 AM to 3:00 PM

Event Venue: Seminar Hall, School of Engineering & Technology, Sandip University

Event Resource Person Details:

  • Mr. KunalSarpal from White Collar Legal LLP, Pune

Name of Event Coordinator with contact details:

  • Prof. Arif Mansuri(9545453203)
  • Mrs. Neetu Sharma(9545258622)
  • Dr. DevendraPatil(7066711360)

Event Outline

Outline of Program:

Sandip University & White Collar Legal LLP.injointly organized an interactive I.P.R Session. The occasion being marked as an Inaugural Event of "SUN INNOVATORS CLUB" & "ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT CELL", on 9/04/2018 at Seminar Hall, School of Engineering & Technology, Sandip University. More than 350 students were present for the session.The resource speaker of the Session Mr. Kunal Sarpal is himself Founder Partner of White Collar Legal LLP, Pune. He conducted the session in a workshop method including lecture + case study+ activity+ actual idea generations. The event was organized under the guidance of Hon'ble Vice Chancellor N. Ramchandran, Dean Academics Dr.Arunkumar Dwivedi & Dean SOCS Dr. Nitin Goje. The event was coordinated by Director SW, Prof. Arif Mansuri& Assistant Director SW, Mrs. Neetu Sharma from Directorate of Students Welfare, Sandip University, Nashik. Dr. DevendraPatil is Coordinator of EDC at Sandip University Nashik.

Objective of Program

We at Sandip University believe in promoting our students to think Out of the Box and encourage them to involve in Innovative projects which will provide them with a base for Entrepreneur skills for future demands. The Objective of formation of this club is to increase students' critical thinking capacity with a view to prepare citizens of tomorrow who are better suited to deal with technological changes. To identify innovative projects and bringing it to proper shape in incubation units that are well supported by entrepreneur skills is the main objective of these clubs.

Output of Program

In the inauguration function of "SUN INNOVATORS CLUB" & "ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT CELL", Mr. KunalSarpal from White Collars Legal LLP, Puneguided the students about basic concepts of IPR, followed by IPR filing procedure & Dos or Don't of PFR. Student session was there to share experiences and to pose and discuss problems that the students might be facing while filing a property rights. First Year B.Tech student, Mr. Vivek Prasad was appointed as President of Entrepreneur Cell & Second Year B.Tech student Ms. VasudhaPatil was appointed as President of SUN INNOVATORS CLUB.

Event Date

09 April 2018 - 09 April 2018

Event Speakers

Mr. Kunal Sarpal

White Collar Legal LLP, Pune