Event Description:

Event Date: 1st December 2017

Event Conduction Duration: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Event Venue: Patta Fort, Ghoti, Nasik, Maharashtra

Name of Event Coordinator with contact details:

  • Mr. Mikhil Bhavsar (+91 9422753908)
  • Mr. Girish Gadhve (+91 8149744721)
  • Dr. Ruchi Lakhra (+91 9650664973)

Event Outline & Outcome of the event:

Outline of Program:

All schools under the umbrella of SUN formed a club named SUN TREKKING CLUB under the guidance of our Honorable VC Col. N. Ramchandran and the above event coordinators mentioned along with 5 student coordinators. We arranged a trek to Vishramgad a fort situated along the boundaries of Nasik and Ahmednagar. The importance of this fort is that it was the place where our beloved King Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj last stayed after his last campaign for rest. Along with 140 plus students.

Objective of Program:

The main objective of SUN trekking club is to enjoy the spirit of adventure. We also aim to polish the hidden qualities of students along with academics. We help in promoting character building of students and promote team work within them. We their also carried out the mission of SWACCHA BHARAT, in which students participated with enthusiasm to save our mother earth. With relation to academics we help them to nurture in topography and geography.

Details of the Program:

Before starting our trek all students had snack which was given by college. It was of 2 Samosas and a soft drink (frooti). All students enjoyed it. After the brunch we started our trek, all the students were mounting with their own skills and some were threating to climb. Within the span of twohrs we were at the top of fort. In between students were engaged in clicking photographs, it helped us to get their extra skills. At the top there is a statue of our beloved king and students started giving the slogan of him. We sat there for almost an hour and talked about history of Maharaj, and then one girl sang the Powada (a Marathi song type). Then we started getting downwards, within anhour we reached the base. The security members of that fort showed us some ancient things of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj like his sword, currency of that time and utensils which they used. As it was our first trek many of the students got tired. We left our destination with very happy mode and full of enjoyment.

Event Date

01 December 2017 - 01 December 2017

Event Speakers

Mr. Mikhil Bhavsar

Event Coordinator