Current Trends in Marketing

Event Description:

Title: Full day Guest Lecture on "Current Trends in Marketing" organized by School of Commerce & Management Studies ,Sandip University Nashik.

Event Date: 25th April, 2018

Event Conduction Duration: 10:00 am to 3:30 pm

Event Venue: Room No. S-122, 2nd floor, O-Building.

Event Resource Person Details
Prof. Deepak Solanki

Senior Marketing Professor & Corporate Trainer and Facilitator having Industry Experience of 19 years with organizations of repute such as Milton, Sony, Onida and academic Experience of 9 years.

Name of Event Coordinator with contact details:
Dr. Ruchi Sharma, Associate Professor at School of Management Studies (9818010123)

Event Outline, Objective & Outcome of the event

The Guest Lecture organized by School of Commerce & Management Studies was based on the "Current Trends in Marketing".


The Objective of the Guest Lecture was to:

  • Familiarizing the students with the emerging concepts of marketing.
  • To know how to do the research and satisfy customer needs through product and service development, planning, placement, pricing, advertising, promotion and distribution.
  • Understand how to develop and manage ongoing relationships with customers, competitors, suppliers and other key stakeholders.


  • Students gained the understanding of buying patterns and attitudes of customers under different scenario.
  • They came to know about the importance of having desired communication skills especially in the field of marketing.
  • Students learnt about the recent trends which are attracting individuals, business houses as well the government sectors.
  • Understanding of different P's of marketing along with real life examples.
  • Students acquired knowledge about the life cycle of any product and also what are the processes involved in the development of any new product.
  • Students came to know about what the reasons for failure of various brands are and how the distribution channels affect the marketing of any goods.
  • About the various newspapers, journals, and websites to be regularly checked in order to keep our knowledge upgraded in the field of Marketing.

Event Date

25 April 2018 - 25 April 2018

Event Speakers

Prof. Deepak Solanki

Senior Marketing Professor & Corporate Trainer