Cycling Ride to Ajaneri by Sun Cycle Club

Event Description:

Event Title: Cycling Ride to Ajaneri
Date of Event conducted: 28 October 2018
Event Conduction Duration: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
Event Venue: Ajaneri, Nashik, Maharashtra
Name of Event Coordinator with contact details: Mr. Harshal Chaughule(+91 758858906)

Event Outline & Outcome of the Event:

All schools under the umbrella of SUN formed a club named SUN CYCLING CLUB under the guidance of our Honorable VC Col. N. Ramchandran and the above event coordinators mentioned along with 5 student coordinators. arranged a ride to ajaneri situated in trimbak road , Nashik . We selected 23 including 2 African students with the help of fitness test under the observation of a fitness trainer.

Objective of Program:

The main objective of SUN trekking club is to enjoy the spirit of adventure. We also aim to polish the hidden qualities of students along with academics. We help in promoting character building of students and promote team work within them. With relation to academics we help them to nurture in topography and geography.

Highlights of Workshop:

When we decided to arrange this ride, we were knowing that no one of us can be able to complete the ride upto the end because no one had been for a such a ride. But the result which we got after visiting there was very different without getting tired our most of the students completed the ride required time to reach the destination was 2 hour . The distance of this ride is 55 km .we started at the 7.00 AM start we took some more stops than required to keep the stamina of students but as we were marching ahead students had been more enthusiastic, it helped us to complete our ride in a very well organized way. There we all students visited hanuman temple by climbing a small mountain.Further at the time of returning we decided to build up our team like this only and will complete as much as ride in near future.

Event Date

28 October 2018 - 28 October 2018