Expert Talk on Managing Stress in Students Life

Event Description:

Event Venue: Seminar hall,S Block,Sandip University
Date of the Event:3rd November 2017
Event Conduction Duration: 1:00-3:30
Name of Event Coordinator with contact details:Name: Prof.Priya Digarse Phone Number: 958844084
Event Resource Person Details (Speaker Image, Speaker name, Designation, company name): Mr. Prakash Kathpal -Councellor and psychotherapist
He specializes in identifying behavioral issues, depression, suicidal thoughts, belief issues, hypnotism, He also practices past life regression, euro linguistic programming, aura healing and Vedic face reading.
Outline of Program: School of Fashion design and beauty Cosmetology, Sandip University organized an interactive seminar on 'Managing stress in students life' on 3rd Nov, 2017. The expert speaker for the guest lecture was "Mr.Prakash Kathpal" who has been working as a corporate trainer a He had been an experienced psychotherapist with over 15 years of diverse global experience and proven success in developing individuals with international experiences. During the lecture, the students were guided on what is stress. The students were given inputs on ways to handle stress commonly encountered in students life like homesickness, mobile addiction, suicidal thoughts etc.
Objective:The Objective is to make the student, aware of the Term Stress, Emotions & various Mental Disorders and Ill effects of Electronic Addictions.

The presentation is broadly divided into three parts.

  • Part first will focus on the Terms and Definition of Stress & Emotions, Brief description of Mental Disorders like Fear, Anger, Depression, OCD etc.
  • Part second explains the various cause of the stress/Mental Disorders
  • Lastly the Solutions for dealing with the stress. In this part, we will conduct psychological exercises, which will help the student, to release stress about a particular person or a situation.
Output of Program:

The lecture delivered by Mr. Prakash kathpal was a great learning experience for the students. Students were able to learn the ways in which they can deal with stress and ways to handle it while shaping their career.Also releasing-venting out stress. After teaching them, the Importance of Positive Affirmation and basic guided visualization exercise.

Event Date

03 November 2017 - 03 November 2017

Event Speakers

Mr. Prakash Kathpal

Councellor and psychotherapist