Report on Sericulture Visit /Expedition

Event Description:

Date of the Event:9th Nov 2017
Event Venue:Pathardi Village
Name of Event Coordinator with contact details: Dr Viond Sutoane (9890976863),
Dr. Ruchi Lakra (9650664973)
Event Resource Person Details (Speaker Image, Speaker name, Designation, company name):Mr. Santosh
Sericulture expert from Nashik,
Sericulture Department (Maharastra)
Outline of Program:Demonstrate the life cycle of Sericulture Silk moth (Bombyx mori).
Objective of Program:

  • Rearing of Silk worm
  • Field visit to Mulberry agricultural land
  • Application and Economic importance of Silk Culture
  • Funding and Compensation provided to farmers by Government to establish sericulture farm
  • Learning bio-diversity in nashik with Trekking Expedition at Pandavlani

Outcome of Program:
  • Collection of insect from different stages
  • Understanding the concept and its application of sericulture
  • Observe Bio Diversity at Pandavlani

Event Date

09 November 2017 - 09 November 2017