Report on AIDS Awareness Program

Event Description:

Date of the Event:28th, 29th & 30th Nov 2017
Event Conduction Duration:3 days
Event Venue:Inauguration in front of "O" Building SUN, Dindori ( Art, Commerce,Science College and Bhararvadi, Dindori.); Athawadi Bazar, Vani ( Pimpri Anchela, Art, commerce science college, Vani & Khedgaon); Kalwan ( Art, Commerce, Science College Manur, Kalwan); Bus stand, Yeola and (Nursing College, Pimpalgaon, Yeola), Civil Hospital, Nashik.
Name of Event Coordinator with contact details:): 1. Dr. Ruchi Lakra (9650664973)
2.Dr Vinod Sutaone (9890976863)
Event Resource Person Details (Speaker Image, Speaker name, Designation, company name):
Dr. Suresh Jagdale-, Civil Surgeon, Civil Hospital, Nashik, Dr. S.P. Zambre, Dean School of Science, Mr. Chetn Chaudhari, Registrar of Sandip University, Dr. Dhanaji Jadhav, Dean School of law, Mayor Smt Ranjana Bhansi, President of Zilla Parishad Smt. Sheetal Sangale, DHO Dr. Sunil Waghchaure and Chief Executive officer Mr Deepakkumar Meena, Sabhapati of Zilla Parishad Mr. Yatin Pagar, Nagar Sewak Mr.Arun Pawar, Mahila and Balkalyan Adhikari Smt.Sangita Patil, Upaadhikshak Mr. Pundalik Sapkale, Dr. Ravindra Bhavare, Dr.Borse, Dr. Pawar, Dr. H.K. Shinde, Company name: Civil Hospital, Sandip University, RKM Vidyalaya Kalwan, Kalwan Education society, DNS college Yeola Outline of Program

Outline of Program:

Awareness Programme on Prevention of HIV/AIDS was organized by Department of Zoology, School of Science, on 28th, 29th & 30th Nov 2017 at O-building, and in colleges/public places at Dindori, Vani, Kalwan, Yeola and in Nashik city.

The welcome speech was given by Dr. S.P.Zambre, Dean, School of Science, Sandip University. Thereafter, lecture was delivered by Dr. Suresh Jagdale and made them aware about the need of testing as well as conduction of HIV/AIDS programme. Then Dr. Suresh Jagdale waved off green flag to the 'Jagruti Rath "decorated by Sandip University in respect of Information, Education and communication.

Objective of Program:

Sandip University, Zoology Department actively participates in spreading awareness and believes in youth power to sensitize others and prevent spread of HIV. The objective and strengthening part was delivered by playing street show, Drama & personal counseling. Information in context to vitality of awareness and help other people to stop spreading

Outcome of Program:

On completion of Drama /street play, students / public appreciated talent of our students and the efforts taken by the students of Sandip University, Nasik. Public gained the basic understanding of HIV virus and impact of AIDS on effected person and Organization. They understood the cause, preventive methods and treatment of HIV positive patient. Our team also tried to clarify the myths regarding this disease. They learned that "Mosquito bite cannot spread HIV", "Close Kiss cannot spread HIV", "Sharing Cloths and food cannot spread HIV", "Saliva cannot spread HIV" etc. Students/people were informed the ways in which infected person can maintain a healthy lifestyle using medication and regular exercise. Propagate the agenda of "Discrimination with HIV+ people is violation of Human rights".

A small step taken by students of Sandip University, Nashik will lead a concrete milestone in AIDS awareness programme and in future our students will clarify the misbelieves/ myths of the disease in community.

Event Date

28 November 2017 - 30 November 2017