"Growth Mantras for Entrepreneurship" organized by School of Management Studies, Sandip University Nashik.

Event Description:

Date of the Event:2 nd February, 2018

Event Conduction Duration: 9:50 am to 12:50 am (3 hours)

Event Venue: Seminar Hall, S-Building

Event Resource Person Details:Mr. Vedanshu Patil, Founder CEO : Vedanshu Biznofairs,
Chairman : Vedanshu Foundation, Director : Gurudatta Education Society

Name of Event Coordinator: Dr. Ruchi Sharma, Associate Professor at School of Management Studies (9818010123)

Outline of Program:

The event organized by School of Management Studies was based on the growth mantras for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Objective of Program:

The Objective of the Workshop was to aim at helping entrepreneurs to put their idea into action, bring an attitudinal change and build their personal entrepreneurial skills. It gave the participants the possibility to test their Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies and improve on the latter.

Outcome of Program:

To promote entrepreneurship among the students.

Students were able to foster their individual entrepreneurial capabilities.

To make the Students understand what characterizes an attractive business opportunity and common pitfalls during the entrepreneurial process

To Demonstrate the ability to provide a self-analysis in the context of an entrepreneurial career

To know how to design, organize, and lead a team with the goal of bringing new products and services to market

To adapt to changing circumstances that occur during the entrepreneurial process.

Event Date

02 February 2018 - 02 February 2018