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advance diploma in fashion & textile designing

Cosmetology as the name says deals with cosmetic treatments and other related fields. It has a degree course that is B. Sc in Cosmetology and the other one is certificate course in Cosmetology. The difference in the two courses is only the time frame which is why one is called degree and the other is called certificate course. Certificate course in Cosmetology deals with various techniques and tools and equipment used in the cosmetic treatment and apart from that the treatments that are done on patients for solving beauty related issues. The course is a rigorous one where the students are taught everything in a practical manner with deep knowledge about the same in the given time period which makes the course more intense compared to the degree course.

Career Choices to Make After Certification Course in Cosmetology
  • There is a lucrative career option available for certified cosmetologists out there. With high profile salons, luxurious parlors and spas, cosmetologists with experience and certification are hired.
  • In reputed hotels and resorts, there is also a high demand for cosmetologists who can offer beauty and related services to the clients.
  • They are also hired as makeup artists in televisions and events for celebrities.
  • They can also try their hands in image consultation, blog writing, book writing, etc.
What we Offer?

Cosmetology Certificate Program at Sandip University is by far the best course one can opt for after 10+2 since they are dedicated to offering you with an intensive study and learning experience which is very important in today’s competitive world. Being the top Cosmetology colleges in Maharashtra, the course is rated the best Courses in Cosmetology 2018 which is also one of the major reasons for you to join Sandip University. Apart from that, they have a well-structured Certificate in Cosmetology syllabus which focuses on the needs of the current day and the challenges faced by the cosmetologists in the present scenario so as to make the students efficient enough to thrive in the competitive environment.