Independence Day Celebration

Event Description:

Event Title: Independence Day Celebration
Date of Event conducted: 24th September 2018
Contact Details: Ms Vidya Pingle, Ms Ashoo, Ms Neetu Sharma

Event Details:

The students of Guinea-Bissau studying at Sandip University, Nashik celebrated their 45th Independence Day on 24th September 2018. A colourful and vibrant glimpse of the Western African cultural heritage was showcased in a fun-filled show that kept an audience of around 300 comprising of staff and students, enthralled and spellbound. Their one-hour programme brought to light the variety of colours, the range of dances and the exuberance, the country of Guinea-Bissau stands for.

Objective of Program:

27 International students wanted to celebrate their Independence Day with the same fervor as they would have done it in their own country.

Outcome of the Event:

Students were happy to showcase their culture and also involve staff and students of Indian origin. Two countries blended very well.

Event Date

24th September 2018