We make our best effort to guide our international students the moment they arrive, ensuring they feel comfortable, relaxed. Here are general steps that we follow after welcoming them...

  • Hostel allocation and introduction to the concerned hostel rector.
  • Registration of the international student.
  • Orientation Programme where the students are shown the different places inside the campus, amenities and facilities available.
  • Student is provided with the International Hand book, advised about the Rules and Regulations of the University and emergency contact details.
  • An overview about the Indian culture is given.
  • Student is introduced to the concerned Principals / Directors.
  • Guiding and helping with FRRO registration within 14 days of arrival in India.
  • Provide solution for all the problems encountered.
  • Counselling sessions are organised to understand the difficulties and problems on arrival if any.
  • Overall guidance provided for the complete duration of the students stay.

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