The Indian Society of International Law (ISIL), a premier national institution for teaching, research and promotion of international law. It has indeed been a long and fulfilling journey for the ISIL that it has earned a pride of place among the community of international lawyers throughout the world. In more than four decades of its existence, the ISIL has grown into a prestigious research and teaching centre of international law in India.

In its endeavour to disseminate international law, the ISIL has traditionally received whole-hearted support and cooperation from the various Ministries, particularly External Affairs, Finance, and Environment and Forests, of the Government of India. The ISIL has benefited from the guidance and support of many judges-present and former-of the Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court.

The objectives of the ISIL inter alia are :

  • To foster nation-wide, the study and development of international law.
  • To interpret through its forums and publications, the application of international law as chiefly affecting India.
  • To encourage the comparative study of the application of international law in other states.
  • To promote research in international law.

ISIL Internships , Awards And Scholarships:

  • ISIL offers an internship programme for LL. B. students providing opportunities to become involved with the research work of our society. All positions are based in ISIL require a minimum commitment of 8 hours per day. All internships are unpaid.
  • The Society also started bestowing the ISIL Doctoral Scholarships to Ph.D. Research Scholar registered in the Indian universities.


Mr. Ganeshappa Deshmane,
Assistant Professor,
School of Law