GPU Education Centre
Sponsored Industry :NVIDIA Inc., USA

To motivate students in research &development activities, Nvidia, USA started program for Academic Institutions named as GPU Education Centre. Nvidia provides GPU's to write CUDA programs. It will help researchers to accelerate their applications &enhance the performance of the system.
This laboratory provides a platform to the students to write parallel applications.

NFC Research Lab
Sponsored Industry :JMN Infotech, Pvt. Ltd., Nashik

To motivate students of UG/PG/Research Scholars in the field of wireless communication. Students can use on Near Field Communication Technology for their research & Development activities. The main motive behind establishing the lab is to avail platform to the students.

Employibility Skill Development Lab
Sponsored Industry :Zensar Technologies , Pune

To train the students so as to give them exposure on core software skills and thereby improve their basic concepts through real-time case studies and assignments in technologies viz Java, .NET, SQL, Testing, IM etc.

Impart training to the students through mix of virtual and physical classroom setup as per the program design.
Conduct periodic evaluations at various phases of the program as decided by Zensar and providing feedback to the participating student and Sandip Foundation Issue certificates to each participating student on successful completion of the Programme.
To provide a Single Point of Contact for mentoring and conducting the Programme.
To provide one time trainingto a group of selected faculty members from Sandip Foundation for conduct of the Programme and to guide the students during the tenure of the program.

Programming & Computing Lab
Sponsored Industry :Hackerearth Inc., Bangalore

Due to establishment of this lab students can be benefited as follows: Code monk for students :- Code monk series will be made available to all our students.
College Admin Account
Campus Ambassador Program
Hiring Challenges
HackerEarth student center
Students merchandise

Big Data Analytics & Cloud Computing
Sponsored Industry :Prygma Information Systems LLP, Pune

To establish cooperative relationship between college and Industry.
Enable students to face industrial projects at their academics
Empower the students with best training of any technology they interested.
Enrich students with best development facts required in the projects.