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Commerce and management courses are designed so that you can have clear understanding of subjects related to it such as finance, economics, business studies, accounting, and many more. You will see that there are various colleges and universities that offer B. Com course but not like this one. B. Com in Computer Application is a different course which is a combination of finance and other commerce related subjects along with the study of various computer applications that can help the candidates to support their requirements. Applications like Tally, Visual Basic, Java, Oracle, MS-Office, HTML, Photoshop to name a few. These computer applications have numerous uses in commerce and management and can actually ease the work. You will see that these applications are highly asked for these days for B. Com graduates as it will help them become more productive and a fast worker in this competitive world. Since this course is a smart choice, very few B. Com Computer Application colleges in India that offer this course.

However, this course is becoming popular and more and more students are wishing to opt for this course and likewise colleges are also planning to introduce this course in their curriculum. The scope for this course in the outside world is high and students can build a well shaped career after completion of this course.

Scope of B. Com in Computer Application

There are various things to do after completing your B. Com in Computer Application. You can check the below B. Com Computer Application scopes that will help you to choose your career accordingly:

  • Mobile Application Developer
  • CAD Application Support Technician
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Clerk-cum-Computer Operator
  • Book Keepers
  • Auditors
  • Budget Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Risk Analysts
  • One can also opt for postgraduate degree in the same field or can go for Master in Computer Application
What We Offer?

If you have decided to opt for this course then you need to search for the top institutes offering B. Com in Computer Applications such as Sandip University. Sandip University has always been on top of the list for providing quality education that helps students to come out as an ethical and professional being that will be demanded in the business world and can establish themselves as successful person. It is also among the top B. Com Computer Application Colleges in Maharashtra with huge number of applicants applying for the best B. Com Computer Application course in Nashik. The university offers you industrial and practical approach and field study with cases studies and dissertation options to enhance your skills and area of knowledge so that you can be industry ready. Completing your course from this B. Com Computer Application degree college in Maharashtra will open gates to you for various big and reputed MNCs and companies as well.