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The three-year course of B.Com. gives the student deep knowledge of accounting and financial principles of the subjects. The knowledge of how to understand and work with accounting and their procedures is taught. Along with this, the course also teaches the students how to summarize transactions in terms of money and events which are related to fiancé. Furthermore, the study of funds management, risk management and interpreting their results is also taught.

Scope of B.Com.
  • After the successful completion of B. Com. Degree course, the graduate can be hired as an accountant in government companies or in multinational companies where they can handle budgets, track costs and can analyze the money transactions.
  • After the completion of the course, the graduate can take jobs as budget analysts, accountants, cost accountants, etc. Accounting & Finance

University, one of the top B. Com. Colleges in Maharashtra offers their students the course of B.Com. in Accounting and Finance. The syllabus of the course revolves around allowing the student to get haSandip nds-on experience in the professional field. The course offered by Sandip University gives the student an in-depth knowledge of the related fields. An experience-centric interactive course is implemented by an erudite team of staff members. Various seminars and outdoor field trips are organized during the students’ academic session to increase the knowledge span of the students.

B.Com. in Banking and Insurance

The three-year undergraduate course of B.Com. in Banking and Insurance is offered by Sandip University, one of the top commerce colleges in Nashik, Maharashtra. to those who enrol. The institute provides the perfect environment for the growth of the students. Along with this, the University’s libraries and faculty members are well-equipped to impart valuable knowledge required in this field. With the addition to this, the University provides the students with a strong understanding of the core principles required in their field of choice and trains the students accordingly. The frequent seminars and educational field trips allow the students to understand the subjects of their course better.

B.Com. in Actuarial Science

The three-year undergraduate course of B.Com. in Actuarial Science is offered by Sandip University, a top B. Com. College in Maharashtra. The course is a syllabus and experience-centric course, which allows the student to gain the requisite set of skill required in this field. The course educates the students in the field of applied mathematics and in the field commercial and financial studies. The University offers a well-equipped computer lab which allows the students to understand computers and their applications comprehensively. Furthermore, the University organizes many events and seminars which allows the students to understand the ambit of the subjects extensively.

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