Part Time Programmes Highlights

  • Research suggests that an average working professional requires upgrading their skills periodically as the new advancements are booming in the industry each day. This creates a higher demand in updating industry specific knowledge, gain holistic approach, understand market trends, technological progressions and groom yourself accordingly.
  • Part Time Programmes help you develop across multiple domains and self analyze your critical thinking abilities and problem solving capabilities by application of certain skills and practical learning techniques.
  • The programme positions the professionals out of narrow technology domains enabling them to gain an overall perspective to address the computing field, which has evolved interdisciplinary with time.
  • Enrolled professionals learn to use contemporary computation tools such as ASP.NET, Mobile applications development using ANDROID etc., which helps in building the much needed technical skill and competency thereby enhancing their professional value.
  • A blend of foundational sciences, core technologies and execution management develops a rounded professional competence, which is a requirement for strong professional development.