Degree Completed List

Sr. No. Name of the Ph.D scholar Subject Title of the thesis Name of the guide/s Month & Year of Ph.D. Viva Voce Examination
1 Mr. Gujar Amol Goroba Pharmaceutical Sciences A Prospective Observational Drug Utilization Study Evaluating Prescribing Patterns In Out-Patient Department Of Private Hospitals In Pimpri Chinchwad (PCMC) Area Of Pune Dr. Vishal S. Gulecha March 2022
2 Mr. Pathan Vasimkhan Taslimkhan Pharmaceutical Sciences Design & Development of Gastroretentive Drug Delivery System for Antidiabetic Agents Dr. Vishal S. Gulecha March 2022
3 Ms. Ahire Sunita Dhudaku Pharmaceutical Sciences Exploring Potential of Selected Medicinal Plants for Treatment of Urolithiasis Dr. Amar G. Zalte March 2022
4 Ms. Gade Swati Avinash Electrical Engineering Optimal Design and Performance Analysis of Renewable Integrated UPQC for minimum VA loading and to Improve Reliability of System Dr. Rahul Agrawal March 2022
5 Mr. Bawane Rahul Krishnaji Mechanical Engineering Experimental Investigation for Behavior Change of Diesel Engine under Water Inclusion Calophyllum Oil Biodiesel Dr. Chetan Choudhary March 2022
6 Mr. Katekar Sameer Dattatraya Mechanical Engineering Determination of Coulomb, Viscous and Particle Damping Parameters from Harmonically Forced Linear Oscillator. Dr. Chetan Choudhary March 2022
7 Ms. Swati Ashok Patil Civil Engineering Experimental Investigation of Engineering Properties of Municipal Solid Waste for Landfill Design and Site Selection Using GIS Dr. Mahesh S. Endait April 2022
8 Ms. Gohad Poonam Rajendra Computer Science & Engineering A Diagnostic Model for Grape Leaf Health Using Machine Learning and Thermography Dr. Sajidullah S. Khan May 2022
9 Ms. Ghate Shubhangi Narayanrao Electrical and Electronics Engineering Super Resolution of Depth MAP and Colour Balance for Underwater Images Dr. Mangesh D. Nikose May 2022
10 Mr. Khairnar Khushal Dadaji Computer Science & Engineering Automatic Classification and Detection of Diseases on Cotton Plant Leaf Dr. Sajidullah S. Khan July 2022
11 Mr. Ghutke Pratik Chokhoba Electrical Engineering Advanced Control Strategies to Enhance Productivities of Crop in Indian Irrigation System Dr. Rahul Agrawal July 2022
12 Ms. Sweta Jha Computer Science & Engineering Analysis of Network Security Measures to Enforce the Network Security and Online Control in University Dr. Sajidullah S. Khan September 2022
13 Ms. Prajakta Pavan Shirke Computer Science & Engineering Taylor Water Cycle Algorithm (WCA) Trained Deep Residual Network (DRN) For Skin Cancer Detection. Dr. Purushottam R. Patil October 2022
14 Mr. Tushar Anil Shinde Chemistry Studies on the optimization of reactive dyes fixation and effects of finishing chemicals on cotton fabrics. Dr. Sachin M. Munde October 2022
15 Ms. Sweta Sinha Pharmaceutical Sciences Formulation Development and Evaluation of Polyherbal Drugs Showing Hepatoprotective Activity in Liver Dr. Vishal S. Gulecha November 2022
16 Ms. Rupali S. Dhikale Pharmaceutical Sciences Phytochemical Investigations and Pharmacological Evaluation of Some Indigenous Medicinal Plant. Dr. Vishal S. Gulecha November 2022
17 Mr. Kenge Rohit Nandkishor Management Studies Research Study on the Product Demand-Supply Cycle Imbalances and its Impact on the Original Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Industry in Nashik District. Dr. Zafar D. Khan December 2022
18 Mr. Vijay Krishna Shinde Management Studies Artificial Intelligence in Project Management: A SWOT Analysis with special reference to Indian defence public units. Dr. Zafar D. Khan December 2022
19 Ms. Bhadane Pushpalata Manik Computer Science & Engineering Design and Development of Food Recognition System Using Deep Neuro Fuzzy Network. Dr. Pawan R. Bhaladhare December 2022
20 Mr. Vijay Kumar Sahu Electrical Engineering Power Transformer Protection Using Fuzzy Logic with dq0 Transform to Improve the Reliability. Dr. Yogesh Pahariya December 2022
21 Mr. Anup Krushnarao Chitkeshwar Civil Engineering Enhancing the Strength and Durability of Concrete with Integration of Manufactured Sand and Rock Quarry Dust as a Fine Aggregate. Dr. Premanand L. Naktode December 2022
22 Ms. Shilpa Gangurde Law Right to Privacy in India and Data Protection Policies with Human Rights Perspective Dr. Bhavana T. Kadu January 2023
23 Mr. Mulaokar Samir Sharadrao Management Studies An Empirical Study of Opportunities and Challenges in Entrepreneurship of Upscale Restaurant Ventures in the Pune Region.

Dr. Zafar D. Khan February 2023
24 Mr. Kulkarni Mandar Pankaj Management Studies An Empirical Study of Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction at Agro Tourism Centres in Western Maharashtra.

Dr. Zafar D. Khan February 2023
25 Ms. Purba Ganguly Law Prevention & Control of Child Sexual Abuse Through Legislative Mechanism & Community Efforts- A Critical Analysis Dr. Bhavana T. Kadu February 2023
26 Mr. Gorde Pravin Jaysing Civil Engineering Performance Analysis of Chemically Treated Tyre Rubber Concrete Dr. Premanand L. Naktode February 2023
27 Mr. Pranav Kishor Jagad Management Studies A Study of Financial Institutions in Development and Financing Small Individual Projects with respect to Automobile Ancillary Dr. Pradeep Sonar February 2023
28 Ms. Rajashree Vijay Vyavahare Cosmetic Science Formulation and Evaluation of Cosmetics from Natural Waste.

Dr. Amar Gangadhar Zalte February 2023
29 Mr. Kailash Bhikaji Nisal Management Studies A Critical Study of Supplier Strategies & Supplier Positioning Module in Automobile Industries Dr. Rajendra Sinha February 2023
30 Mr. Anant Bhamkar Management Studies A Study of Shortcomings of Training in The Hospitality Industry with Specific Focus on Skill Enhancement and Career Growth w.r.t. Hospitality industry in Pune and Aurangabad City.

Dr. Rajendra Sinha March 2023
31 Mr. Jayesh Bharat Anam Management Studies A Empirical Study on Factors Affecting Online Education of Colleges with Reference to Mumbai City Dr. Pradeep Sonar March 2023
32 Mr. Avinash Santoshrao Kurve Management Studies Financial Crime in India: A Critical Study of Strategies and Future Direction of Control Dr. Sachin Trambak Mahale March 2023
33 Mr. Kavish Prakash Dawda Management Studies A Study of the Influences of Economics and Financial Crisis on Human Resource Management w.r.t. Education Industry in Mumbai Dr. Sachin Trambak Mahale March 2023
34 Ms. Supriya Ramchandra Patil Electrical & Electronics Engineering Parameter Estimation of Solar Photovoltaic Cell using Evolutionary Optimization Techniques Dr. Prakash G. BuradeDr Rahul Agrawal(Co-Supervisor)

March 2023
35 Ms. Kusum Lata Computer Science & Engineering Crop Yield Prediction by Using Machine Learning Algorithm Dr. Sajidullah S. Khan March 2023
36 Mr. Satyajit Deb Management Studies A Study of Financial Inclusion: Issues and Challenges- Macro Perspective with a Focus on Digital Payments and Lending Dr. Zafar D. Khan March 2023
37 Ms. Madhuri Gorakhnath Chatur Mechanical Engineering Performance and Emission Analysis of CI Engine Fuelled with Waste Cooking Oil Biodiesel Doped with Copper Oxide Nano Additives Dr. Anil S. Maheshwari April 2023
38 Mr. Shrikant Ramkrishna Baviskar Civil Engineering Composite Sustainable Condition Index for Elevated Service Reservoir in Rural Water Supply Scheme Dr. Arun Kumar Dwivedi April 2023
39 Mr. Gaurav Sudhakar Gadge

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Energy Management System for Hybrid Electrical Vehicles Using Soft Computing Algorithms Dr. Yogesh Pahariya April 2023
40 Ms. Bade Ashwini Vivekanand Electrical & Electronics Engineering Agriculture Field Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Network and Artificial Intelligence Based Techniques Dr. Suresh Kumar Mortha April 2023
41 Mr. Md. Shaheed Thekiya Electrical & Electronics Engineering IOT Based Design an Algorithm to Improve the Exhibition FrameWork in Wireless Sensor Networks Dr. Mangesh D. Nikose April 2023
42 Ms. Smita Govind Badgujar Civil Engineering Pond-Ash in Self Compacting Concrete- An Experimental Investigation Dr. Arun Kumar Dwivedi May 2023
43 Ms. Ashwini Ashok Kadam English Study of Landscape, Waterscape and Spacescape: Geocritical Analysis of Select Eco-Centric Novels Dr. Mohini Gurav May 2023
44 Ms. Ratnaprabha Balabhau Chavan Electrical & Electronics Engineering Advances in Reducing Pilot Contamination in Massive MIMO Systems Dr. Suresh Kumar Mortha May 2023
45 Ms. Suruchi Vilas Vyawahare Botany Isolation and Characterization of Induced Mutants for Some Morphological and Agronomic Traits and Oil Quality in Niger Dr. Ravikiran Sukdeo Pagare June 2023
46 Mr. Pravin Dinkar Harak Pharmaceutical Sciences Development and Evaluation of Film Forming Drug Delivery System for Treatment of Various Skin Diseases Dr. Amar Gangadhar Zalte June 2023
47 Ms. Vaishali Bhausaheb Shirsath Electrical & Electronics Engineering Design Parameter and Reliability Analysis of Wind Farm using Optimization Techniques Dr. Prakash G. Burade (Supervisor)
Dr. Rahul Agrawal (Co-Supervisor)
June 2023
48 Ms. Ashwini Ramrao Patil Civil Engineering Strength and Durability Performance of Sustainable Concrete with inclusion of Sea Sand, Sea Water & Graphene Oxide Dr. Arun Kumar Dwivedi June 2023
49 Mr. Nilesh Bhaskar Chaudhari Pharmaceutical Sciences Preparation and Characterization of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles of Few Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Using Quality by Design Approach Dr. Amar Gangadhar Zalte July 2023
50 Mr. Pramod Manohar Gadge Electrical & Electronics Engineering Optimization of Locational Marginal Price Based on Security Constraints in a Deregulated Power System Dr. Prakash G. Burade July 2023
51 Ms. Rutuja Sunil Patankar Microbiology Purification and Characterisation of Antibacterial Compounds of Marine Fungi Isolated from Mumbai Coastal Region Dr. Nissar A. Reshi July 2023
52 Mr. Rupeshkumar Gangadhar Mahajan Computer Science & Engineering An Efficient Approach for Load Balancing Optimization in Distributed System. Dr. Purushottam R. Patil August 2023
53 Mr. VijaySinh Gopal Chavan Computer Science & Engineering A Novel Intelligent Robust Optimized Dynamic and Efficient Cluster Based Routing Protocol for IoT Assisted Precision Agriculture Dr. Purushottam R. Patil (Supervisor)
Dr. Amol Potgantwar(Co-Supervisor)
September 2023
54 Mr. Pavan Subhash Baravkar Mechanical Engineering Experimental and FEA Investigation of V Shape Spring with Steel and Composite Material under Static Loading Conditions Dr. Amol D. Lokhande September 2023