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Science is the driving force in the universe. Without science, nothing is explained, and nothing can be justified. Science has also helped in improving our lives and has also helped us get to know about things that once existed such as dinosaurs and that are far away from our reach such as the universe. There are many people who are very much driven by science and want to do something in the field and achieve something. They want to study things in details and know how they happen and for that there are various B. Sc courses in India that can be opted by them and they can pursue a career in it. One can take admission in one of the best B. Sc colleges in Nashik, Maharashtra and make their career in the choice of their subject.
The courses are approved by the government, and the college are also recognized and reputed and certified to offer the best B. Sc degree courses in Maharashtra which gives options to the students to opt for any one.

Why Choose Sandip University As Your Stepping Stone?

If you are someone who wants the best for yourself and want quality education, then Sandip University is the one. You need not have to worry about anything as their curriculum is set in such a way which will help the students to gain profound knowledge about the subjects they are studying with both practical and theoretical approach. The huge infrastructure offers ample space for students to sit and study and also to make active participation in various extracurricular activities. The teaching staffs and the administrative staffs all are helpful and dedicated to promote education and good deeds among students and make them responsible citizens and future leaders of the country. It is also ranked among the top science colleges in Maharashtra.
Below is the list of subject specialization that is offered by Sandip University with a brief overview:

B. Sc in Chemistry

Chemistry is the subject that deals with the different types of chemicals, their discovery, uses, advantages, disadvantages and their significance in this earth. It is that branch of science that is responsible for the functions of the universe at a cellular level which means it is the minute factor that makes a major difference. At Sandip University, B. Sc in Chemistry is a 3-year undergraduate course for students who have completed their 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. One can see oneself becoming a pharmacologist, clinical research associate, healthcare scientist, scientist, lab assistant and many more. It can be one of your dream jobs.

B. Sc in Physics

Have you ever got fascinated by the universe and the celestial bodies? Do you want to know about all this or want to research all these elements of the universe? Then Sandip University Which is among the top B. Sc colleges in India offers a 3-year degree course for those who have always wanted to study physics and its different aspects. The college has well-equipped laboratories and classrooms where the students can gain knowledge and experience a world full of opportunities. The sturdy infrastructure and the state-of-the-art classrooms interiors make studying a pleasant experience. You can try your hands in acoustical physics; can become an astrophysicist, consulting physicist, radiologist, radiation oncologists to name a few.

B. Sc in Mathematics

Mathematics is not only about numbers and calculations but how things are proved to be done is what mathematics is all about. Playing with numbers is not everyone’s cup of tea but those who have never loved anything except numbers for them Sandip University is offering B. Sc in Mathematics. Mathematics is a practical subject that most of the colleges do in a theoretical way, and that is where Sandip University stands out because it gives the students both theoretical as well as practical knowledge for better understanding. Students with bachelor’s degree in Mathematics can apply for bank clerk, probationary officer, station master, goods guard, commercial clerk, coast guard, etc.

B. Sc in Botany

Plants play an important role in the eco system and offer us fresh air and oxygen along with other important products which are vital for our survival. Study of plants is all that describes Botany. At Sandip University, B. Sc in Botany is among the major subjects that is offered to the students to pursue a career in. With well-structured syllabus to carry on practical and experiments and get a better understanding of things, Sandip University is at the top of the list. It is among the top science colleges in Maharashtra offering this course and is also government accredited which makes the certificate a valid one. Options like biotechnology, marine biology, agriculture scientist are open to those with a degree in B. Sc in Botany. An environmentalist is another option to opt for.

B. Sc in Zoology

Unlike the study of plants, Zoology is the study of animals and other living creatures. Zoology helps in knowing about any organism at the cellular level and uses that knowledge for the betterment of the world. This is a course that is commonly offered by most of the Top B. Sc Zoology Colleges in Maharashtra. Sandip University is one of them that offer this course but what makes it different from others is the method of teaching which is experimental based so that students can get real-time experience. The other reason for which Sandip University is among the top B. Sc colleges in Maharashtra is its well-equipped laboratories which give the student full access to resources needed for their study. Students can further go for specialization in Zoology or can try for regenerative medicine; become a zoologist and enjoy a job of their choice.

B. Sc in Microbiology

Microbiology is a part of biology but deals only with microorganisms those are present at the cellular level or are lacking cells. This course is designed so that one can understand the functions and processes taking place at the micro level and how it can be related with the organism at a higher level. The study of microorganisms is a major aspect of biology as it helps one know the different species that ever lived on this earth. This course is something that only top colleges offer, and Sandip University is not missing this opportunity. With experienced and keen faculties who themselves are dedicated to research and experiments are recruited for deliver education of top-notch quality. The first thing that you can become is a Microbiologist who is a very reputed job and will be of your likeness.

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