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India is primarily an Agrarian economy with the country ranking second worldwide in farm output. The course curriculum of the agriculture degree dispense the education related to horticulture, food production, rural economy, animal rearing, and environmental health, rural development, etc. The agriculture field never face downsizing as food is necessity of the whole world.

Present age belongs to Agriculture Science and there are several areas where Agricultural Science is directly or indirectly involved. Starting from its use in medicines, Agricultural Science has a pivotal role to play in many other fields as well. There is a need to make Agricultural Science education socially relevant by making it capable of responding to continuously growing and changing needs of the society.

Sandip University’s School of Agricultural Science aims at creating professionals who are dedicated to revolutionising the agricultural sector in India. It is common fact that the Indian agricultural sector is in dire need of innovation. It is our duty as a leading educational institute to train young minds to carry the beacon of much needed change in the sector. The curriculum is designed through a multidisciplinary approach aligned with basic needs and focusing more on the development of the region with the updated equipment and modern technique.

Our course curriculum is designed with the greatest precision that enables students to gain appropriate knowledge in each subject. Sandip University is dedicated towards creating and developing human resources in the fields necessary for overall agricultural development of the nation. At Sandip University, students are sure to develop professionally and holistically through extensive education.

Objectives :

  • To train students into becoming innovative professionals who can drive real and sustainable change in the Indian agricultural sector.
  • To create a society where agriculture provides nutritious and profitable sustenance to both farmers and consumers.
  • To provide a quality education which is a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
  • To promote research and training on sustainable development of agricultural productivity, cost reduction in farming, farm mechanization and farm animal production.
  • To encourage the youths on entrepreneurship and rural development.
  • To provide consultancy in agriculture to disseminate the technology innovations to the producer through integrated extension activities.
  • To promote agro-ecological principles and rural entrepreneurship through capacity development and improvement of quality.

Career Prospects:

  • Government companies are constantly looking for professionals qualified in the agricultural sector.
  • Private companies are looking for professionals who can ideate innovations in the agricultural sector while staying within the framework of sustainable development.
  • Teaching options are widely available to professionals holding a master’s degree in Agricultural Science.

Our Vision:

  • Government companies are constantly looking for professionals qualified in the agricultural sector.
  • Improved rural livelihoods and sustainable food system in India.

Our Mission:

  • Shri mahavir thakur school of agriculture sciences, Sandip University, Madhubani aims to impart a technical education in Agriculture and related areas.

HOD's Message:

Dr. Md Zikrullah Shamim

Agriculture is the oldest and largest industry of the world. It has been providing the materials required to meet the basic needs of mankind such as food, clothing and shelter. As we all know, the future increase in agriculture production in wake of growing demand has to come through mainly productivity enhancements and that the threat of food security now needs to be addressed in entirety with nutritional security, environment sustainability and natural resource sustainability, technological innovations and applications are again required. Further, there are numerous emerging challenges that confront agriculture at the end of increasingly small and marginal farming community, particularly in the hilly areas.

It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming you to Shri Mahavir Thakur School of Agriculture Sciences. It is a School of Agriculture Sciences where discipline and punctuality in conjunction with a conducive environment seeks to provide quality education development in leading areas of Agriculture.

Shri Mahavir Thakur School of Agriculture Sciences has well qualified and experienced staff along with well-equipped full-fledged laboratory with modern audio visual aids to facilitate the learning process. Also, this School organizes Farmers training programs, Faculty development programs, workshops, field demonstrations, and visits to agricultural industries for overall development of students.

The fundamental objective ofShri Mahavir Thakur School of Agriculture Sciences is overall development of the students and farmers. Aim of this School is to impart quality and professional education to aspiring students. It persistently seeks and adopts innovative methods to improve the quality of education on a consistent basis. This School has been consistently working towards the goal to produce highly skilled and scientifically oriented manpower through flexible, adaptive and progressive training programs because the future will call for more able, independent and client-oriented extension workers.

We impart teaching as well as training facilities to agriculture students for developing human resources in Agricultural Sciences. Besides quality teaching, the School has sharp focus on carrying out research in agriculture and allied fields and disseminating the research findings among the farmers of the “Bihar” state for providing the security of sustainable livelihood to them.Shri Mahavir Thakur School of Agriculture Sciences is running four years degree programme in B.Sc. Agriculture and B.Tech. Agriculture with full strength and excellent performance.

The School has well qualified teaching and non-teaching staff, agriculture farm in 40 acres area, well equipped labs and well established orchards of Mango, Banana, Litchi, Guava and different fruits varieties as well as teak plants blocks and ponds in campus premises to provide practical training to the students. We have a well-established Hi-tech poly-house for off-season cultivation of vegetables and flowers. We have developed Botanical garden for cultivation of medicinal plants as well. We have also developed Vermicompost unit, Mushroom cultivation unit and Soil Testing facilities.

With Best wishes
Dr. M. Z. Shamim

Faculty List:

Sr. No. Faculty Name Highest Qualifications Experience
1 Dr. M. Z. Shamim Ph.D. (Biotechnology), CSIR-NET, ASRB-NET 2.2 years
2 Prof. Amitesh Shukla M.Sc. Agriculture 1.0 year
3 Prof. Satyendra Kumar Jha M.Sc. Agriculture 1.0 year
4 Prof. Swati Kumari M.Sc. (Agronomy), NET 1.0 year
5 Prof. Suhashi M.Sc. Agriculture 1.0 year
6 Dr. Usha Kumari Ph.D. (Agricultural Chemicals) 1.0 year
7 Prof. Amit Kumar M.Tech. (Soil and Water Conservation Engineering) 2.2 years

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