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Agriculture Sciences


Sandip University’s School of Agricultural Science aims at creating professionals who are dedicated to revolutionising the agricultural sector in India. It is common knowledge that the Indian agricultural sector is in dire need of innovation. It is our duty as a leading educational institute to train young minds to carry the beacon of much needed change in the sector. The curriculum is designed through a multidisciplinary approach aligned with basic needs and focusing more on the development of the region with the updated equipment and modern technique.

Our course curriculum is designed with the greatest precision that enables students to gain appropriate knowledge in each subject. Sandip University is dedicated towards creating and developing human resources in the fields necessary for overall agricultural development of the nation. At Sandip University, students are sure to develop professionally and holistically through an extensive education.

Objectives :

  • To train students into becoming innovative professionals who can drive real and sustainable change in the Indian agricultural sector
  • To create a society where agriculture provides nutritious and profitable sustenance to both farmers and consumers
  • To provide a quality education which is a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills

Career Prospects:

  • Government companies are constantly looking for professionals qualified in the agricultural sector.
  • Private companies are looking for professionals who can ideate innovations in the agricultural sector while staying within the framework of sustainable development.
  • Teaching options are widely available to professionals holding a master’s degree in agricultural science.
  • Programmes Offered:

  • B.Sc (Hons) - Agriculture

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