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Engineering is one of the few professions where originality and creativity meets innovation. The number of students opting for engineering in India has elevated over recent years. Thanks to the demand for good engineers, there are now more and more challenging job opportunities available to fresh graduates. Engineering continues to be the most highly preferred career option for higher education among the students across the globe. Engineering is also a lucrative and well-paying profession. The average median salary may differ according to the country, organisation, and total work experience. Over the long terms, it can be estimated that the potential growth and opportunities will increase with good remuneration.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, majority of highly qualified computer and data science engineers can expect a job growth of 32% from 2016 to 2020. Reports also show a significant rise in the number of test applicants who appear for engineering entrance exams like JEE Main, AIEEE, JEE Advanced, IIT-JEE.

Most of the leading universities and colleges are coming up with advanced engineering courses. Sandip University is known to be the best Computer Science & Engineering College in Sijoul, and most importantly across Bihar. Our B.Tech in Computer Engineering course offers a variety of specialties but if you’re not sure what your focal point in science is, it also gives you the flexibility to make the right decision.

The program offers you multiple occupation options after the end of your Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech). You can either opt for a Master of Science (M.Sc) or pursue an MBA from a first-class international university. The program can help you expand administration skills in addition to the technical skills. Apart from these options, there are conventional choices such as electrical, mechanical and electronics that usually have a stable demand across industries. You may also consider rewarding careers in software and hardware development. Sandip University is deemed to be one of the Top CSE Colleges in Sijoul, Bihar.

If you wish to pursue this programme or have any further queries, please call Sandip University’s toll-free number 1800-313-2714.

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Course Structure:


Subject List B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering):

First Semester

  • English Communication Skill
  • Applies Physics /Chemistry
  • Algebra & Differencial Calculas
  • Environmental Studies, MOOCs (C/B)
  • Engineering Graphics and CADD/ Engineering Mechanics
  • Workshop Practice
  • NCC/NSS/YRC/Clubs

Second Semester

  • Technical Communication (HSS) MOOCs (C/B)
  • Applied Physics/ Chemistry
  • Integral Calculus
  • Fundamentals of Computing
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • NCC/NSS/YRC/Clubs

Third Semester

  • Discrete Mathematics and Logic
  • Digital Design and Computer Organization
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Information Security Fundamentals
  • Object Oriented Programming Lab
  • Data Structure Lab
  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Industry Internship

Fourth Semester

  • Modern Mathematics
  • Object Oriented Programming in Java
  • Database Management System
  • Data Communication
  • Professional Ethics
  • Object Oriented Programming in Java Lab
  • Database Management System Lab
  • English Communication and Soft Skill
  • Foreign Language (French / German )

Fifth Semester

  • Introduction to Python
  • Advanced Operating System
  • Interactive Web Application Development
  • Server Side Scripting Languages
  • Python Program Lab
  • Server Side Scripting Languages Lab
  • Seminars and Technical Communications
  • Industry Internship
  • Foreign Language (French II / German II)

Sixth Semester

  • Design and Analysis of Algorithm
  • Software Engineering
  • System Programming
  • Cloud Computing
  • Open Elective I
  • System Programming Lab
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithm Lab
  • Seminars And Technical Communications
  • Employability Skills

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Programme Years Sem Eligibility Academic Fees
Per Semester (INR)
Special Fees
Per Semester (INR)
Fees Per Year


B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering) 3 Years 6 10 + 2 Level examination in Science with Mathematics from any recognised Board / Council with minimum 50% Marks for General Category and 45% Marks for Reserved Category. Rs 50,000 /- Rs 15,000 /- Rs 65,000 /-


  • Hostel Type 01 :-Hostel Fees Rs. 70,000/- per annum (Deposit Rs 5, 000 at the time of Admission Only on Refundable basis).
    Facilities Available :- Lodging , Fooding ( Breakfast , Lunch , Snax and Dinner) , Laundry and Only OPD (medical) facility available.
    Pls Note :- 04 Students in One Room.
  • Hostel Type 02 :- Hostel Fees Rs. 55,000/- per annum (Deposit Rs 3,000 at the time of Admission Only on Refundable basis).
    Facilities Available :- Lodging , Fooding ( Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner) , Laundry and Only OPD (medical) facility available. Room Allotment at the descretion of Hostel Incharge.
  • Transportation Fees As applicable based on Route and Pick Up Point.
  • Uniform cost Rs. 5,000/- (One Time).
  • Admission Form and Prospectus Rs. 1000/- (One Time).

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