World's Rising Super-Power Welcomes You!

In the emerging trend, education has gone global; students are now spreading across the planet to study.As per the latest finding (2017), international students coming to India has increased by 50% as compared to previous year. While the number of international students enrolling in Indian universities has increased threefold (3x times), the inbound students from countries like Africa, Russia, Malaysia has risen significantly. On a progressive note, international collaboration is regarded as an effective tool for excellence in education.

Sandip University has carved a niche in the education industry, ranked 9th among the "Top Emerging Universities of India" as per a survey by Times of India in 2017.

Confident of our abilities to impart the best possible education in a world-class setup, infrastructure, highly accomplished faculties of Ph.D's from branded institutes, and industry-oriented curriculum; we are now inviting international students to come and experience a global education at our different schools housed in 300+ Acres of Wi-Fi enabled campus.

Sandip University's Offer To The International Students

We are very clear about what we are going to offer to our International students.

  • We focus on supporting them, helping them to mix with home students.
  • As per need we provide additional support to our non-English speaking students through our 6-month's English crash course.
  • Narrowing down the gap between the cultural differences and/or differences in learning styles between home and international students to the extent possible. So that, all are comfortably placed on the common platform of unity in diversity.
  • We strive to meet the differences and needs of our overseas students instead of creating a package of pedagogies and curricula aimed at fitting all sizes and forcing our home students to teach this to the overseas ones.
  • We believe in intercultural dialogue with our international students respecting each and every culture. We try to design curricula to encourage students to improve multiple perspectives, know more about various alternate ways of learning.
  • We strongly believe that our international students bring valuable knowledge and skills and attempt to see what we can learn from their pedagogic cultures too.
  • We understand and value our overseas students' skills and experiences; which make them willing to negotiate their issues or problems if any, without hesitation.
The Various Schools Of Sandip University

The University has Various schools offering various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes with the latest curriculum with plenty of regular and elective courses, choice-based credit system, outcome-based education, student-centric and employability focused learning.

The schools include Engineering & Technology, Computing Sciences & Engineering, Law, Commerce & Management Studies, Pharmaceutical Science, Social Science and Fashion Design & Beauty Cosmetology.